Allegiance PVP Incentive System

Hello, This system was thought up with some friends and myself last night. The Idea behind this mechanic is to get PVP with rewards that focuses on PVP Actions.

Introducing the Allegiance System

What it Does in a nutshell:

  • Allows Capsuleers to Pledge Allegiance to a Faction. This is separate from the militias, however some aspects (the missions, may be good to add to fw as well).
  • The Capsuleer Wishing to Pledge Requires at Least -5.0 Sec Status For Pirate Factions, 5.0 Sec Status For Concorde, or 5.0 Faction Standing For Empires
  • Once pledged, pilots gain standing to the faction chosen for qualifying kills (see below)

Qualifying Kills:

  • Must Qualify For a Killmark
  • Pirate Allegiance: Target Must Be Positive Sec Status or Militia
  • Concord: Target Must Be Negative Sec Status, Suspect, or Criminal
  • Empire: Target Must Be Negative Sec Status, Enemy FW Faction, or Suspect

Why Pledge?

  • LP Rewards to the faction with Allegiance Specific Rewards
  • LP is Separate from other of the same faction (new npc corp), this is to allow balance
  • Bonus is for specific ship(s) used, rather than time taken

How it Works:

  • Pledge Allegiance to the desired faction
  • Through Allegiance increase the standing from the allegiance corp for said faction via getting qualifying kills
  • Once standing is high enough, run Allegiance Missions from the Allegiance Agent
  • Allegiance Agent is in a New Station / Citadel, 1 Per Region Patrolled (by the faction) and rewards will be slightly better than a level 4
  • Allegiance Agent Will Require 5.0 Standing to access
  • Allegiance Structure warp to location will act very similar to how citadels work now, if you have access to dock, you can see it on overview, etc
  • Structures would be located within Low Sec and NPC Nullsec Regions for Pirate Factions, Concord Sovereignty For Concord, and Empire Hi Sec Sovereignty For Empires*. I also thought, for Empires, agent could be available at militia stations (still would reward for a different npc corp’s lp).

Examples of an Allegiance Mission:

  • Kill 5 Ships; Bonus Reward (For Guristas) if Worm is Used
  • Kill 5 Ships Where Pilot Has Negative Security Status; Bonus Reward (Concord) if Target is Below -5.0
  • Kill 5 Ships From Rival Militia; Bonus Reward (For Fed Navy) if Comet is Used

Now the exact rewards within each LP store I have not really put much thought into, however I thought that the mechanic is fun, and could be done passively to PVP’ing.


This is a convoluted version of faction warfare. Like too much. Just expand existing fw to pirate factions.