Alliance standings have any meaning other than a dot?

First of all i am a noob who gets ganked a lot so teach me please if i am wrong.
All alliances have spies in them which is known.
I see these spies can be used to locate players in fleet and then fleet with their mains and warp to spy and gank people.

You can’t locate a fleet member in a covert ship in dscan or your window but only if you warp to them?
Your ship knows where he is but will not tell you unless you warp him? If it is like that it is stupid, it must change.

My point is; why not Alliance standings prevent their own members teaming up with others who have bad standings?
Or send notification to CEO that member joined fleet with players who have bad standings?
Technology in Eve didn’t advance enough for that?

A POS would shoot anything on sight if configured that way, so there is a player mechanic in game that seperates friend and foe.

Simply change it to a somehow ignore mechanic.

Spies still may exist but give chance to victim to follow footprints.

If Im understanding this right, you are fleeting up while covertly cloaked?


Alliance standings is so you can quickly see if someone you set as something different show up on your overview it is for quick identification that is all.

I’m assuming you are talking about +10 +5 0 -5 -10.

Let’s say you like killing a certain group you set them -5 so every time you see orange in local you know you can go shoot them.

If you see 1 guy in local you fight him and he drops 20 people on you, you set him -10 and every time he comes in you know to watch out for that guy.

Same for +10 and +5, 10 is for good allies +5 is for allies that you don’t really trust who could betray you and so on.

It is only a colour it means nothing else. you can still shoot someone who you or your alliance set to +10.

About warping to people in fleet, anyone inside your fleet has shared co-ordinate info so you can warp to them at any time within the same system, if you manage to convince an enemy to join your fleet he is giving you his co-ordinance that you can abuse to kill him. (includes cloak yes) So only fleet up with people you trust.

And always warp to a cloaked ally at 5kms or more never 0.

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No sorry. I mean.
Imagine there is a standing fleet and your spy joined it.
You can get a covert ops ships and warp to people right?
You find someone ratting then leave fleet and join with people or your alt toons and warp to your spy.
Bam, you are 10 km away from your prey.

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Exactly if you manage to get a spy in then you deserve the kill. But once you do it they will set your spy to -10 and you can’t do it again unless they are dumb xD.

Even if you are cloaked they can look at the fleet log and see who left the fleet just before they where killed and your spy is blown.

Better to just not join the standing fleet d-scan them and they will never know.

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Yea thanks, i noticed i should never join any random fleets.

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There are some NPSI not purple shoot it fleets that take pride in this sort of thing, if their reputation is on the line then you can usually join them.

You think this is a fake post as part of his spy cover?

Initial reaction yes, knows way too many obscure things. Then again I cba with an endless back and forth that will undoubtedly come from this.

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Ooooh right.

Yeah true. I guess Im not in a big alliance so I only fleet with those I can vouch for.

It would be extremely annoying for their own spies they have planted in target corporations/alliances…
It would prevent nothing in terms of awox’ing, since the roll out of shared bookmark folders with access lists.

This game is played at a deeper level than automatic crowd control via a general setting (in this case an alliance standing), says Alice.


Additionally, take a look at this article, especially the paragraph on “Countering AWOXing” A Practical Guide to Highsec Awoxing - INN
Of course, a smart awox’er will keep a low profile until more people have joined the same corp/alliance, then go to work, and sacrifice a ship once in a while to not draw suspicion. They can be extremely hard to catch, if done correctly. Fascinating gameplay, from both sides.


Ah takes me back to 2010 and shinnaneghans

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