Alpha capsuleer with a salvaging bug

Alpha capsuleer (Amarr) only a couple of weeks old looking for a corp that does a lot of salvaging (not ninja), amongst other activities. Open to considering high/low/null/wormhole corps. I’m currently honing my probing skills both for salvage & exploration as well as for combat. Not afraid to try PVP – interested in small gangs more than fleet fights TBH.

Gametime for me is quite limited due to RL, so a good match would be a corp with no mandatory CTAs and quite a laid-back, non-militaristic culture – but still serious about doing a good job. Corp size not a big issue, but should have enough active members so that I won’t be flying around talking to myself most of the time. :wink:

Timezone = UTC + 2 (e.g. western Europe)
Languages = English (native); German

Please contact me in-game if you think you might be able to provide me with a new home. Thanks!

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