Alpha friget pvp!

I was wondering is it possible to have reasonable pvp this way. I am going to pony up a sub but not for a couple months I’m very busy at work and just want to jump on and explode a few frigs during the week. Anyone have any knowledge on just casual play I have played eve for a while taken my breaks I know how time intensive it can be. I love the game I just can’t sink time right now.

You’re asking 3 questions in one:

  1. Can I afford to lose frigates as an Alpha if I just want to PVP casually, and nothing else?
  2. Can I find targets to shoot / PVP?
  3. Can I win?

IMO, the answer is:

If you play solo:

  1. You’ll have to either PLEX-to-ISK once, or pause every now and then and rebuild your ISK via PVE so you can afford the frigates; the ships cost 400k, and the fittings 600k on the cheap side, so 1 mil per ship is not insignificant for an Alpha character. Most of the Alpha limitations are in the money-making activities.

  2. EVE isn’t a solo game, nothing prevents your targets from bringing friends. You can pursue duels, Faction Warfare (FW) sites that are hard-coded to limit ships to frigates, suicide-gank attacks, war declarations against small corps (and hope they fly solo), or hunt people in wormhole space where they may be solo and unable to bring friends.

  3. The Alpha skill set will give you access to T2 defenses, but will limit your guns to T1. Makes it harder to apply pvp-grade DPS to win. But, it’s possible to find targets that are weaker than you.

If you join a large alliance that accepts casual Alpha players:

  1. They’ll likely give you a whole bunch of ISK and free ships, and they’ll also have ship replacement programs, so it’s likely that you’ll have access to unlimited free frigates.

  2. You’ll be operating in fleets, looking out for other fleets to fight, in low-sec, 0.0, or WH-space areas that are typically full of targets to shoot at. Because the alliance is large, even if you’re casual, you should be able to find something going on at any time, just sign up as soon as you log in.

  3. Win conditions depend on the fleet and the scenario, but from your point of view, you CAN have a meaningful successful contribution to your fleet with several roles; frigates can perform several roles that are desirable in PVP.

So my recommendation is to not do this solo, but apply to one of the large groups (Karma Fleet, Pandemic Horde, TEST, Brave Newbies, etc.) and move to their area.

Thanks so much for your insight. It is very much appreciated!

Took out a small cheap roam Thursday. Our Corp did well with cheap alpha fit Frigs and Dessies.

Numbers help, Surprise helps, Practice Practice Practice that helps too. Lose cheap ships, learn, have fun!

I been wanting to do that for a while. 10 or more cheap frigs flying around, sounds like fun.

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