Alpha Newbro Looking for Casual Corp (possibly Australian Timezone)

I’m an alpha newbro looking for a corp home.

It would be best if the corp was an Australian corp because of the Timezone, or large enough to have a presence during Aus tz. I need to be able to learn and talk to someone otherwise I’ll go nuts.

I play casually: 1–2 hours most days. My RL commitments won’t let me do more.

I think I prefer mining/industry, exploration, with some PVE/P. I think I prefer high-sec, however I could be tempted into the wild side.

I can commit to being supportive long-term, although I will almost certainly not be available for any mandatory/obligatory events or comms. The sort of corp that would best suit me would be one with a mature culture, where antisocial behaviour is not the norm.

I have completed the basic tutorials and almost completed the agent tutorials. I have 660,000 SP. I can either go straight onto SEO arc or I can go and join in with corp activities. I don’t mind, as long as I get to learn. Its possible I could go omega if I continue to enjoy the game.

The sort of corp where I would fit in would either be one that reflects the above, or that is big enough to be relaxed about me playing my way. I just tend to go in for shorter bursts.

I hope I find a home somewhere. Thanks!


Hello @Herogon_Gorgon,

We are always looking to help players expand their horizons. I know you said you were looking for a HS Corp, but if you want to learn the game from people that have played the game for awhile now, come take a closer look… DOPLR
We are primarily US TZ but have Alliance friends from EU TZ. We are currently in talks with an AU TZ corporation so keep us on your radar to match play times.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Hello, I’ve checked out your ad and I’m interested in knowing more. How can I connect with you? I tried searching for your recruitment channel in chat and it says it doesn’t exist. I have only just downloaded Discord and don’t know how to use it yet. Did I mention I’m new?


Hey, @Herogon_Gorgon ! I just started a corp to run public PVP fleets - and we also recruit vets and newbros to set up a solid corp besides the running of pvp fleets - a bit of pve, atm still in high sec 0.5 - but also in our low sec home, too (Kheram atm).

We want to achieve critical mass of players for the corp and not only for our discord and would be happy to have more miners/indy people who help our new and old players - so perhaps this is something for you: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs

We are a relaxed group and know all about RL aggro, job and kids - the corp just started out, but with public fleets and the new members there is always something to do when you have time and no pressure as we are all in the same boat - and we could really use a vet to help getting it up and running - check it out :slight_smile:

Join the discord for questions: - hope to see you there and in space!


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

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I will make sure you get our Discord Server invite in game tonight. Thanks for checking in with us. You can also get the link from our recruitment page on the forum as well.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Hi there @Herogon_Gorgon,

We are always looking to help players find what their purpose in EVE is. I know you said you prefer a Highsec corp, but if you want to learn the game from people that have played for years, come take a look at us:) Aideron Robotics

We are a fairly large corporation so we have timezone coverage in all timezones.

And if lowsec/nullsec doesn’t turn out to be the thing for you, we also have a Highsec sister corp called Malevelon Roe whose discord you can find here: MALRO Discord

Hope to see you soon,
Aideron Robotics

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