Aussie Looking for a New Home

G’day. I’m looking for a new corp. I’m a 9M skill point Aussie player who likes to mainly do mining and PvE, with a little production. I am a consistent through quirky player, who is rather limited in play style because of by very busy RL job. That’s why Discord and joint corp ops are usually difficult for me, although I can jump on from time to time. I like to use in-game mail and messaging.

I would prefer an Aussie corp that will allow me to play my own relaxed play style, although I will definitely support corp objectives as much as I can. A smaller corp would suit me well, but willing to consider a larger one. I’m mainly interest in Hi-Sec, although I will consider null etc as long as there is good support.

Basically, it would be good to have someone to talk to from time to time. Anything better than that would be a bonus.

If you think you can accommodate me and that I could add something to your corp please hit me up. Please don’t suck me in into a corp where I won’t fit in.

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Hi mate small Corp into mining ,PVE ,I’m a Aussie myself so look forward to hearing from you I am CEO of Darkstar Fleet.

I mailed you in game.

Hey mate,
Would love to have a chat feel free to look me up in game under Desvoc Synchronized We live in null i know you would prefer hisec but we have better ores and the rats bounties are worth more here and many experienced players that could help you grow

Regards Des

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