Alpha player - looking for lowsec/nullsec opportunities

Hi guys, I’m just your average alpha player with a little bit of wealth and some experience, but I haven’t been exactly adventurous on EVE, so I’m looking now for an opportunity to join an easy going corp that does some PvE/mining/WH/maybe PvP stuff. I’ve always been moving around in hisec for the most part and been on and off EVE, so I’m looking here to commit some more time for what a lot of people consider to be the more exciting part of EVE, so here I am.

I might not be on all the time, maybe a few times a week or whenever I have free time (university student and all), so there’s that. Also please bear with me if I’m clueless about something, because it’ll happen a lot.

You’d be welcome out here, contact me in game

hey friend if you’re looking for great pvp opportunities come join my newbro corp aim to train my guys to pirate like no other from nullsec to lowsec we are serving under a great alliance and are always welcoming in new bros check out my post and message me in game if interested! Two-Faced Marauders : Piracy For Life (Alphas or returning players click here)

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