AlphaZeta Reprocessing Ltd. - Putting Down Roots

AlphaZeta Reprocessing Ltd. is a small, Hi-sec industry focused corp, based on the fringes of Amarr space.

AZREP is geared towards providing newer players a solid foundation on which to build their New Eden careers. Our short-term goal is to maintain a secure base of operations in Hi-sec, to fund future expansions into other areas, while creating a strong group of pilots, equipped to handle the dangers of space beyond.

We are only a recent start-up corp (barely a week old at the time this was written), and are trying our best not to bite off more than we can chew, but we do currently offer pilots the following benefits:

⌂ Ore Buyback Program, set at 90% of Jita average prices
⌂ T1 Frigate, Destroyer and Mining Frigate Ship Replacement Program
⌂ Tax-free access to a fully serviced Tatara refining station
⌂ Free T1 equipment
⌂ Almost-daily Orca mining boosts
⌂ Free access to in-house freight services

We’re also looking to expand our operations towards the following ventures in the future:

⌂ Manufacturing
⌂ Low-sec/WH roaming gangs
⌂ Exploration

There are no SP requirements to join, Alphas are also welcome. Corp activities are not mandatory - we want to create a good social vibe while remembering RL issues are always the priority.

Join me on Discord, chat to me in-game (Abu Galia) or join the in-game channel AZREP Recruitment if you have any questions.


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