Amarr Alpha, 2.4m SP seeking FW opportunities

Amarr (Ni-Kunni) pilot looking to get into FW as a first taste of PVP. EU TZ. I’m a casual player (thus Alpha), so looking for a corp that understands that RL commitments come first. Also looking for a corp of decent size to ensure learning opportunities (i.e. fights).

Thus far I’ve acquired some good probing / exploring experience, but it’s a bit samey when you’re on your own in a Magnate. :wink: Almost at L4 in Amarr Cruiser & Battle Cruiser. Not much of a mission runner or miner, but I’ll take one for the team!

Please send me a IG mail if you think we might be a good fit …

Regards, Barber

Still looking… who needs fresh blood in their ranks? I am longing to serve the Empire!

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