Amarr FW PvP Corporation - Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire [S0TE]
S0TE is a corp based in Faction Warfare lowsec fighting for the Amarr Militia. We are a PvP focused corp but not limited to it.

We are seeking new members who :-

Speak good english & own microphone
Have a mature attitude
Interested in PvP, especially small gang
Motivated to learn and create content
Have a cute giggle

As a corp we can offer :-

Real life comes first mentality
Part of an established group within Amarr Militia
Experienced Dear Leader Kim-Jong Var
PvP Target rich environment
Best Noodles in town

We are at the start of building up as a corporation, have realistic expectations for the short/medium term future.
New and old pilots welcome.

If interested you can…
Contact Varrinox
Join S0TE Bar & Grill channel in game

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