An Assault Frigate Idea

(Odinegras) #21

I have to agree that giving the parity with the t1 hulls they are based on would be a good first step, t1 frigs had a massive balance pass many years ago now and afs never followed suit.

Personally i think they need to be split into 2 groups, an a passive tank brawler and an active tank brawler. Perhaps giving bonus’s to reactive armor hardeners, flex hardener, ancillary repairers. Giving them a similar but slightly more mobile role to marauders.

(Dankkarr) #22

Assault frigates were historically great fun. In my opinion they captured almost the whole eve meta in one pocket ship class.

They need a speed and agility buff for sure.

As a unique role, I have thought about somehow making them “dual prop” specialists either by unique slots or modules and associated fitting that can ONLY be used for the two propulsion modules. With the MWD sig bonus, they would be pretty good and unique if they could switch to AB once the tackle was made. Dual propping also gives them tactical options in 1v1 and small gang fights.

(system) #23

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