Anarchy awaits… [KRS.1] is now open for enrollment!

“I get mad frustrated when I mine. Thinkin’ of all the kids that try to do this for all the wrong reasons.” -Gallente Refugee #62759692701847580749519

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody [KRS.1], Eve’s latest Anarco-Trade School, is open for enrollment and primed to be your gateway into New Eden’s counter-economy!

Seeking Newbros and Bittervets alike, KRS.1 hopes to be a network for explorers, miners, haulers, and other industrialist nomads who don’t want to be tied to any sovereign lord, but like to chill out and collaborate in undermining the big block political meta, which seems bent on facilitating stale, cluster-wide wars on Reddit.

Whether through collecting mining permit fees, homesteading sov null, ninja moon mining on some other nerds Athanor, or stealing drones, KRS.1 wants to support your vision of living outside of the meta!

KRS.1 Offers:

• Autonomy. Here at KRS.1, we believe that structure is the death of creativity. You could think of us as less of a school, and more of a free market for the exchange of ideas, information, resources, and content.

• Newbro SRP of 10mil.

• Alpha friendly!

• Mineral, PI, and loot buy back at all KRS.1 offices.

• Operates in all regions of space, with offices in Hi-Sec, Low-Sec, and J-Space (C2/LS/C2).

• No structures, no sovereignty, no wardecs, no problem!!

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