Announcement regarding Skillboard.Evie's recent outages/issues

Good Evening Everybody,

Some of you may have noticed that Skillboard.Evie has been struggling over the past few days. I’m aware of this and have decided to allocate tomorrow May 1st to addressing these issues.

I was able to do some digging and have narrowed it down to memory issues with our caching layer. This is both a good issue to have and a bad one.

Good because the site has grown to the state that it exists. Bad because I didn’t anticipate this.

I’m still not sure, beyond upgrading the server that the docker containers run on, how to address this but I’ll be looking in to it tomorrow.

Issues that users are likely to experience are:

  • The home page fails to load.
  • New users are stuck on the profile provisioning step that thanks you for registering and mentions we are pulling down that characters ESI data.

I’ll be using this post to keep the community up to date on any fixes that get put in place.

Thank you and apologies for any inconveniences this may cause. Will post again soon.

If a CCP Dev or member of the ISM sees this, it might be a good idea to pin it.


Good Afternoon Everybody,

I just completed the first round of optimizations.

They were:

  • We trimmed some fat around what was being passed from the backend to the browser when loading a characters page. If you’re on a slow internet connection, you may see an decrease in page load times.
  • We removed an unnecessary middleware that was causing some users to experience up to a 10+ minute delay when registering a new character. Now, there is a pro and con here. The pro is the removal of the middleware. The con is that the redirect back from the SSO to Skillboard.Evie may take a few extra seconds as we are now doing the processing that the middleware was doing for us in that callback instead of passing it off to another thread and have the browser poll for an update. I’m interested to see if this is beneficial or not. I’ve done this in previous applications with no issues, so I’m not expecting any issues.

As always, you can join me on Discord if you have any issues and I’ll be glad to take a look. Have a good weekend everybody.

David Davaham
Discord: Eve Is ESI

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