Anoken Empire is Recruiting! C5-C6 Wormhole PVP Corp!

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Anoken Empire is a wormhole PVP corp who currently lives in a C5 with a C6 static. We are currently looking for dedicated PVP pilots who enjoy both short and long term wormhole and nullsec PVP activities, such as evictions, roams, rage rolling, camping, and invasions. Most importantly, we are looking for pilots who want to help grow Anoken Empire into a powerful force in EVE Online.

Like most corps, we have requirements.The required skills all must be trained within the 6 weeks after you have joined corp. They are listed below.


At least one Cruiser to V (preferably Minmatar or Amarr)


Logi IV

Medium ACs IV

Torpedoes IV

Caldari Battleship IV

Gallente Battleship IV

Something with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device

A second useful Omega account

Good tanking and gunnery support skills

Discord with working mic

Basic game knowledge

PVP experience

Bonus if you have:

FC experience

Capital skills

Triglavian skills

Leadership experience

After the trial period of 6 weeks, you will be asked to train:

Amarr and Minmatar Battlecruiser V

Cybernetics V

Triglavian ships and weapons

Dreadnought and FAX skills

Now after stating what we need from you, let’s talk about what we offer:

We live in a C5 with a C6 static, so you will have easy access to C5 and C6 sites, along with lower class sites down the chain.

Rage rolling ops to kill blingy capitals and battleships that are ratting, along with the occasional fight against other wormhole groups

Roaming in lowsec and nullsec connections

Cloaky camping systems for kills

Hotdrops and gatecamps

Evictions with a cut of the loot if successful

Different special interest groups and ops for alts

In corp competitions and tournaments


Buyback for most things between 85-95% Jita buy

Industry infrastructure

Great planets for PI

Support from corp when setting up C5 and C6 farmholes

A good, friendly corp with loose rules

Contact Us:

Now that you see what we are about, feel free to join our in-game channel “Anoken Public” and join our discord, we will talk with you shortly. In the meantime, watch our videos and check our killboard to see what we are up to these days.


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Recruitment now open!!!





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