Anyone using ESI on PHP?

Of course I wrote most of my website using the xml from API… Then I realized ESI is going to be the new standard and eventually API is going away.

I’m looking for any samples of code to use OAuth with ESI on PHP.

tbh, if you’ve used CREST, ESI is pretty much the same. It’s just calls to a url.

You auth in exactly the same way as with CREST, just with different scopes.

I’ll give it a look. Thanks.

I have only utilized PHP for authing into ESI. I don’t use OAuth, but I did test it for a bit.

You still used OAuth. That is how you get your token and such.

What I mean is I don’t use the PHP package called OAuth. I used cURL commands to create my own OAuth style package rather than using the package you can find on packagist.

I think what he’s saying is that you still use the oauth protocol, anyway… As mentioned before it’s exactly the same as for CREST, the auth process is independent of ESI, just the scopes might be different. If you want a specific example in php, this is my login page: (this one redirects to the login server and is also the callback url, eventually redirecting to different internal pages)

and heres the underlying ESISSO class:
Hope this helps,

Bests, Snitch

hi there im kinda new to php but i am learning. however i have not yet made a third party tool for eve and want to get into it. is there any good tutorial out there how to get started using the ESI for us third party newbros?

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