[AOE] Recruiting EU/US Null Sec PVP/PVE

Welcome to Artisans!

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✧ EU/US Timezone
✧ We operate in High/Null Sec.
✧ We work to provide our members with Industry, reprocessing, ratting and other benefits.
✧ We are an English speaking corp.
✧ Regularly online between 17:00 and 01:00 eve time.
✧ We are looking for skilled pilots who know what they are doing, and the occasional awesome new player.
✧ PVP fleets. We’re PVP ready, but we won’t consume your game with it.
✧ We have very experienced FCs who are very fun to fly with.

We are currently looking for experienced pilots who are interested in Null higher tier industry and PVP.

Join the in-game chat channel “Eternities End” to chat more or mail me in game.

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Still Recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting, looking for new and old PVE players.

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