API erorr: Ensure all IDs are valid before resolving


(Brein Spiegel) #1

Hi all,
I’m trying to implement a search function but I’ve come across a strange error:
This is the API call to search itemtypes matching ‘extender’:

In the answer I obtain all the IDs of the items which contain the word extender in their name. In order to display the search results I call the universe/names endpoint to resolve their names, but I get this error in the response: “Ensure all IDs are valid before resolving.”

this is very strange because the IDs I’m using are provided by the APIs and are supposed to be valid…
can someone help me on this and tell me how I can verify if the IDs are valid?

thank you!

(Blacksmoke16) #2

This is a known issue. Should be fixed maybe next week or so?

(Brein Spiegel) #3

ok, thank you!

(Col Crunch) #4

Just curious, wouldn’t the SDE be quicker than constantly going to ESI?

(Golden Gnu) #5

If you need a fix now, you can use:
instead (as a backup on failed requests)
Both will resolve both corporation and character ids (last I tested it).

(Snitch Ashor) #6

Yeah I’m doing the same. I used to to do search on partial char/corp names and the universe/names for autocompletion, but also search returns a lot of invalid IDs. If you switch to any other endpoint, keep in mind that those using get have probably a lower number for maximum IDs that can be resolved at once.

(Brein Spiegel) #8

I’m creating a serverless angular browser application which relies only on data obtained in real time from the api server

(Brein Spiegel) #9

thank you for the tip, but to avoid inconsistencies i’ll wait for them to fix the problem (if it’s just a few weeks matter)

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