Appraisal: How much is fair for this supcap & blops character?

I’m thinking about selling my character, I would like to know how much I get for him. He is supercarrier focused, a level 4 on Minmtar supcap and has Gallente supcap skillbook injected. He is also specialized in Caldari blops but also a lvl 4 on Black Ops with just torpedo and missiles related skills trained.

Thanks 7

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I’ll buy for 27B

I do not think that is in the fair price range.

I appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:

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Anywhere between 30-40 b. Some folks look to just pay extraction price

duly noted!

I guess it might be a bit of a waiting game until someone needs those skills specifically.



You’re rarely going to find a situation where anyone’s going to buy a character for its specific skills. It does happen, but even then they’re unlikely to pay much of a premium over the extraction value - because they know what it’s worth.

You’re basically gonna get 0.6(54-5) to 0.8(54-5) billion isk where the -5 is the extraction threshhold and 54 is your whole integer million skill points.

27 bil guy above was a bit of a lowball but the closer you get to the high end of the range the poorer the investment for the extractor.

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If you want to sell it now, I will bid 35b

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