Are data sites worth anything?

Whats the data sites current status? They were famously worthless, are they better now? Whats max/avg site worth?

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As i know you can find some decent loot in nullsec data sites.

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They usually don’t give nearly as much as good relic sites. My highest loot value from one data site is around 30M. Before CCP made the SAAR BPC availability explode, finding one of them could increase your value considerably. The occasional good T2 rig BPC can also increase the value nicely (or cause you to facepalm if you get a Capital Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II BPC).

While the value is lower, I find the supply of datacores and decryptors for my own invention business quite helpful to keep cost down. If you don’t do that kind of stuff, the practical value is not that great.


Thats what I thought, thanks!

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Although null relic sites can give you very nice rewards (80m +), they can also be in the low end side, around 4-5m isk a site. Data sites are more consistent though, ranging from 10m to 25m isk. It’s not as good as relic but clearly should not be ignored.


I am also thinking of getting into Exploration . how much in isk you make in daily

I try not to think in term of daily (or hourly!) isk, but that’s generally because I play a bit every few days, but I will explore until my interceptor has over a half-bil in the hold and then dock to drop it off, and then take it to a HS station for our BB program. I’m not space rich but I’m over 2B in the bank from solo exploring (no combats).

It’s fun though!

Depends a lot on where you do it and how lucky you are.
I once found a wormhole with a ton of sites both data and relic. After maybe 2h of intense hacking & d-scanning I had like 400 million in loot. But such things happen very rarely. However if you have access to a few Systems in NullSec to do the sites without competitors you surely will have a consistent income - if you can sell the loot.
I would not recommend it in HigSec. There are just too many other pilots around. But even in FW space exploration can be done relatively savely. People there usually are not up for the hunt after explorers but at the same time can keep away potential hunters. The biggest risk for an explorer are getting cought on gates - imo. If you get blapped on the way to the tradehub every profit is history.

To sum it up:
If exploration is profitable depends basically on three things:

  • Space (usually lower secstatus id better)
  • Time Investment
  • Luck

Exploration isn’t about isk per hour, it’s gains are spread more…days of nothing sites, lots of carbon.

then all of a sudden, it’s raining isk in your wallet.

For me exploration is about seeing the EVE world in a different way, the escalations are fun, and often yield some loot that i’ll either sell or use,

and I agree with what everyone else is saying, get good at wormhole exploration, they spawn null sites, and can be lots of fun. I took my astero on a journey in wormholes, jumping from hole to hole, cloaking my way around, until i popped out with several billions in the hold,

plus you build the skill of Dscanning which pays off in other elements of the game.

Have fun.


Data and relic sites don’t escalate and no dscan skills are required.

it’s true they dont’ escalate, however combat sites are fun, and if you are fitted in the right ship you can do it all effectively, and if you are in WH doing relic // data sites you better be d-scanning.

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Wrong. Drone data sites in nullsec can escalate and in these escalations you can find augmented heavy drone blueprints.
This escalations may trigger when you loot the hacked containers, even if they are empty.


you don’t neeed any skill for that

I know you are trying to make people be less aware of their surroundings so that you can kill them easier, but dscanning is vital depending on where you run the data sites. Knowing if someone else probes the site or you or what ships appear and disappear in your range is very important in systems where you are not alone.


Found a capital ancillary armor repairier bpc today in a low sec data site, worth 75m, so I think they’re worth running.

Without high level loot drops, low sec data sites probably provide less than 5m. It’s the occasional bpc drop that makes it worthwhile. If you include high value drops, it’ll probably tick up to 10m-15m per low sec site.

If you’re only hunting relic sites and find a data site, then the time scanning for that data site is wasted, so you may as well run them. They only take 5 minutes.


I found a capital blueprint that sold for 500mil within minutes of putting it on the market (sold in Hek). Needless to say I haven’t been that lucky since, but it was a null data site and enough to entice me to go back and explore the fringes of the map from time to time.

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