Exploration in NS for the first time

I’m a new(ish) player, looking to do some exploration in NS for the first time. I’m using an alpha clone.

What’s the best way to flog any loot that I find? Should I try to sell it in Null Sec. or lump it to Jita or some better place?

If running else where to sell it, obviously doing it in a Heron is a pretty silly idea. What would be a more suitable ship? Of course, I’m not gonna take it all at once cos I’m probably gonna lose it at the first gate into HS. I’m not complaining, it’s just part of the game. Getting ganked doesn’t make the previous week worthless. If there was no risk it wouldn’t be fun.

Should I contract someone to transport it for me? How does it work though? I mean, what’s to stop them stealing my stuff?

Find nearest WH and then find route home. Once you deposit loot in nearest highsec (check if it is not a hisec island) exit. Grab filament and head back to null or jump back thru your wh chain and continue scanning.

ps. Don’t necro 3 years old topics…

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  1. best is to moove your stuff to a hi-sec trade hub to sell it. Yes use wh.
  2. for an alpha, no real better ship than your heron. When you are omega and can use cloak, switch to astero then covert ops
  3. if you want to do a courier contract, you put a collateral, which is the amount of money you will receive if the contract is not finished by the hauler. Just put as collateral the value of your loot.

You want an advice?
You like eve? suscribe and switch to omega status. Much better than staying alpha. It will cost you less than one mc donald’s meal per month.


Wish I could run scanning as stratios. Love the ship. Too bad it’s harder to deal with gate camps on it

I split this into a new topic as the other thread was quite old. Please continue the discussion here. :slight_smile:


Yea, I agree that that the cost of Omega is certainly worth it, but i don’t know, I think I want to embrace the challenges of alpha for a while.

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eve is all about “embracing the challenge” so nothing wrong with your plan.
It is different from " i want to play for free and am whining because i don’t get everything" :wink:


With your approach you’ll do fine.

One option is find a wormhole in a quiet hi-sec system, then scan yourself a route into null - though the sites in wormholes are as good as Inn null. Bookmark your holes as you exit so you have a trail of breadcrumbs back to your starting point.

Your heron is fine. Aligns fast, cheap enough that losing doesn’t hurt. Tidy little ship. Just remember get to a safe spot to do your scanning - warp somewhere and make a bookmark while in warp will do as a quick and dirty sport to use.

Happy wandering.

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