Are reserve banks broken?

Reserve bank balances are currently building at such a slow rate that they are effectively broken and not relevant to the game. Is this intended?

Anyone who uses the ESS / Reserve bank system, which was created to foster PvP, will be sitting on keys forever at this rate. Thoughts?

As far as I can tell the only point of the reserve bank is to be emptied by alliance leadership.

Scrap the reserve bank. Put more isk in the main bank. Then reduce the amount you get out the bank. Ie 1b isk in the bank if you rob it you get a half bil.
This will sort of prevent robbing your own bank and also give something worth actually robbing.
Imagine banks of billions being robbed.

Right now ess banks are 100 to 200m isk at most. Imagine if banks had like 1b-5b banks. Then peeps will have to defend it or lose it


what prevent me to use 2 alts and each extract 500 m … you didnt think this one thru did you…

Having all bank balances go to the 6min Main bank would favor zerg fleets. I think the current system is good, it allows bank robbery Ops to be countered because it takes awhile to rob the large balances.

The problem is they made some changes to the system recently that are keeping balances in the Reserve banks from building up in a meaningful way.

I don’t understand your reply, using alts in this game is common practice. Banks can be opened and robbed by 1, 2 or 50 people, the same amount comes out regardless.

To get 500m for 2 alts you would need a bank of 2b. From a 1b bank they’d get 250m each.

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they use 4 alts to get everything…

Math is not your strong point, it seems.

Still hoping for CCP staff to weigh in here…

What’s up with Reserve Bank balances not going up?

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