Are there things like playing as a policeman?

It’s maybe just a normal pvp scenario but like you are equipped in an interceptor ship roaming around lower sec systems looking for gankers and pirates and overall making the space a bit more safer for passers-by. I’m a new player and currently into hauling and it would be a great help if some people acted like police patrol around more iffy systems. Not sure how profitable would it be but it would be something in between mercenary business and casual pvp roaming.

It is one of thse negative ISK/hour activities hence nobody really does it.

There is new eden police force (anti gankers)

And you could consider gankers as some sort of corrupt police selling mining permits

who has the most organized empire-side presence for the new Havoc incursions?

There is no incentive to make things safer, but plenty of making it more dangerous. It’s a game where a lot of people embrace the chaos. On the flip side, game mechanics make it already very difficult to gank anybody who does take caution on travel. So ganks mostly catch ignorant players.

Safety alliance is focused on police operations.

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At first I was like, yeah, go for it, sounds great.

Then i realized you wanted someone else to do it for you so you could safely mine and do whatever you wanted in lowsec.

Well, it would only be profitable if you were to offer up some money up front. Which you wont. And neither will anyone else. So no, it wouldnt be profitable at all.

It would be like asking for someone to be your bodygaurd in the real world, without pay, and look out for you and serve you like a servant. Why would anyone do that if they werent getting paid by you?


Yeah, but they dont operate outside hisec because they are cowards who dont want to risk losing their ships.

Except that they usually only operate in hisec, making them brave PVPers and always willing to lose their ships.

Safety first!

Yeah but if there’s a bounty on their heads or they fly some expensive stuff just that would be enough of a reason to hunt them down. Maybe a corp that rewards active patrol with every bounty killed and order kept. Concord will strike only after the initial attack, but these “detectives” will filter out low standing low sec dwelling pirates that are obviously ganking easy targets like me. Making themselves profit from their corpse, corp payout and increased community standing as a respectable guardian. Idk this may sound cheesy but to a new player, I’m confused how this system doesn’t exist yet. Are eve players that chaotic they don’t want to play righteous paladins?

its more that nobody pays for that

So, lowsec doesn’t have „ganks“ in the Eve-jargon sense. It is just PvP.

The reason people don’t police lowsec is because you cannot really police and evict people there to get rid of the established pirate groups.

In wormholes, you can establish hole control, pod people out, raze all the buildings, and eliminate people from the system. It is the ultimate control of allowing „the good guys“ in system and preventing „the bad guys“ from entering. In null, you can hell camp stations and all gates with bubbles and make life miserable for that station, but the NPC nature of stations and clone bays and jump clones means you can’t really evict people. They’ll always come back. And then one degree more, lowsec does not have bubbles, so it’s even harder to police the gates and stations and let „good guys through“ and only shoot „the bad guys“.

Except now you can temporarily have bubbles in some lowsec systems, but you have to be pro-pirate anyway.

So actual policing gameplay is just opportunistic shooting at pirates, but not really affecting the true safety of the system. It’d just be for the role play. At which point one mans „police“ is another mans „pirate“. They all look the same, it’s just that the police appear to have a moral superiority complex.

Most of these players know they are a target so they only fly cheap ships they can easily replace.

And who in the corp will pay for those rewards?

Again, profit from who? Who is this mysterious benefactor, paying these people? You dont want to pay. Most people dont. Unless you, and a dozen other people decide to spend $100 and buy plex to pay for these people, they wont appear.

If your employer came up to you and asked you “Hey, were gonna stop paying you, but we want you to keep coming in every day from 8am to 5pm and work for free, out of the goodness of your heart”, what would you say to him? Thats the same thing I would say to you when you ask me “Hey, why dont you protect me and help me for no reason other than the goodness of your heart.”

There’s some bounty hunters or players who just enjoy using killrights. But you can only use a killright once, so the “penalty” is losing one ship, often a cheap corvette.
Then there’s some roaming groups who like to blow up gatecamps just for fun. But they won’t sit there all the time to prevent new gatecamps being set up but follow the fun.

So the solution is to calculate casual losses and intel into your business plan and an intelligent localization.

There’s no police in New Eden. It’s outright chaos and anarchy on a Heavy Metal track the only chorus of which is HTFU.

This obviously exists.

In nullsec though.

Peaceful citizens of some alliance or coalition would form a patrol fleet and roam their own space to weed out neutrals and enemies that came to their space to murder, steal and pillage.

However, if you expect others to make the space safer for you without you giving at least something back, … well, you know, anyone can haul :slight_smile: