Arunmor Corporation is Recruiting

We are Arunmor.

A corporation with the goal of documenting obscure systems, mechanics and lore.

What we do.

We explore the unknown. From COSMOS missions and obscure anomalies to
special wormhole sites and systems, our research takes us all around New Eden.

Who we are.

We’re people with fascination for the unknown. The kind of people who are not
satisfied with generalizations and lack of clarity. We dive into the details and until
everything is revealed, we’re not satisfied. We come from many places, have different
stories and do things in many ways. The one thing that unites us is our curiosity.

Our offer.

We’re looking for people who share our fascination. We can’t offer riches or PVP,
just a unique experience of discovery with some like-minded friends. You’ll be surrounded
by like-minded curious people helping you explore the vast emptiness. Most of us are
also very experienced and willing to share that experience with anyone who joins us.

The Network

Arunmor is part of The Network. alliance. The executor of The Network. is Noir.,
one of the oldest mercenary groups in EVE. As one of our members, you will get
access to contract work, PVP roams and ISK making opportunities, and a home
in Providence with stuff to do should you want to take a break from our usual work.

Discord at

(written by member Doom’s Harbinger)


Bump! Still recruiting, unsurprisingly

Bump again! It’s not just me anymore! (wohoo)

Still recruiting, still looking, still planning

Still recruiting

First minor project has been initiated. Just two of us now but we’re making good progress. Join us?

Still here, still looking for recruits.


Still looking.

Still here, Still recruiting, still working.

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Bump the 8th!

Still recruiting!

Bumping again after small break due to travelling (didn’t want people potentially coming in with nobody online to welcome them)

Still Recruiting!

To the top again!

Still Recruiting!

Bumping again! Can we get our third member???

god recruitment is hard but I have kind of put this on myself given the incredibly niche nature of the corp

Still recruiting.

Bumping again, Still recruiting.

You are just saying you should have this and that and maybe even IT…

Maybe if you said what you are actually doing in the game, that would help, for example:

“People interested in our general mission of discovery and cataloguing previously unknown parts of EVE”

What does that even mean?

It means what it says. A list of “ingame activities”, while I could give you one based around the projects we are currently undertaking and some which are planned for the future (Exploration, site running, mission running) would be irrelevant, it’s not the point of the group.

Currently we explore because of the significant lack of documentation/understanding around the Drone Data Sites found in the Drone Regions. In the future we will be attempting to run, catalogue and dissect the Null Security Cosmos agents/missions/static sites, which are also very poorly understood. But it’s not about the activities, it’s about discovery. If it came to my attention that there were poorly documented/interesting mechanics behind belt mining, you bet I’d be sitting in a belt 6 hours a day.

Now one might reasonably assume that the mechanics behind some things are going to be much well known than others. I highly doubt I’ll be spending time mining for instance. (although . . there are significant holes in current Uniwiki and general documentation on nullsec gas sites, their spawning and damage patterns, so even then we might if you count huffing as mining) or ratting anoms,

but the group isn’t defined by what we do in EVE activity wise, it’s defined by what we seek to do: Understand, document, and disseminate information about mechanics or parts of EVE which are currently poorly understood. I will do what is required to do that both in and out of game (within bounds of TOS, EULA, and general legalities ofc) because it’s what I find joy in doing.

I appreciate it’s a niche desire, and I’ve never really wanted the corp to grow to more than 10 people (2/10 so far) which is why I find our mission hard to explain and I honestly wasn’t sure if posting here was suitable at all, but it is how it is.

Sorry for very long answer.

Thanks, I understood that. “Explore” is misleading, sounds just like running random exploration sites, but it’s easy to explain: “We try to find out about ingame mechanics, e.g. how certain sites work, that haven’t been documented yet on UniWiki.”
It actually sounds like fun, should your corp become publicly known and people tell you about mechanics that are unknown and donate for your efforts :=) FYI I heard many game mechanics change during TIDI, but it’s really poorly understood. Also I can’t find any documentation on it. That’s probably knowledge kept by the bloc’s FCs.

I will redo this post at some point, it could certainly be better.

TiDi would be an interesting one to investigate but we certainly don’t have any good ways of generating it ourselves - best bet would be to chase around NS battles and try test things in system while hoping we don’t get noticed. (However there is also the option of potentially obtaining the data from compromising the wiki of a nullsec entity, something which we are also seeking to do as a sub-project)

Bump, still recruiting, bit of a bumping hiatus due to RL

Bump again, still looking, still recruiting.

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