Ashes Evolved - We want you to enjoy eve

Hello! Are you tired of being told what to do all the time? Crazy PAP requirements? Maybe a bitter vet that got tired of station spinning? Want to help something grow? Have your voice heard?Trust us. We have been there. So come drink a beer with us!

Located in Wicked Creek apart of Dangerous Intentions a growing alliance affiliated with Fire coalition. Come join the small guy and be apart of something more than just F1 monkey shenanigans.

What we are looking for- Active players Players willing to PVP(Note no PAP requirements) Pilots wanting to help a community grow! Ability to use discord and have a mic

What we offer- Corp logistics, Dank memes, More dank memes, SOV for all your Indy and ratting needs. Starting weekly PVP roams!

Interested? Join

Still looking for new members.

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