Aspiring FC looking for a corp

Check out Risk Breakers [EXOP] join TEAMEXOP in game, and send me an evemail. We are a group of seasoned vet multiboxers. You will be able to utilize your characters and SP, and hone your skills as an FC.
Look forward to speaking with you.

Have you considered wormholes?

LOLOLOLOL, just noticed you name LOL :sunglasses:
Now dont tell me this is not destiny ahhahaha :v:

Throw me a convo in game :slight_smile:

SIT3X Is Recruiting. We are 4 days out of leaving the nullbloc and living in sov null with no blues. We are a heavily focused goal oritented rl first pvp corporation. Stop by our discord and have a chat. I think we would be a good fit for you.

I have, but i’ d only really consider high class now.

gonna bump this since im still looking for a corp.

Hi :slight_smile:

Check out Shadow Cartel. Great group and have an FC program.

We are interested in you mate , come and join our discord for a chat

Very active bunch of guys that are already moulded for you to take out to pvp :slight_smile:

SC happens to the wrong TZ for me unfortunately.

hey join this discord for a super active pvp alliance :wink:

hey how are you doing?

Was wondering if you’re still looking for a corp to fly with? if so let me know and we can chat about what you and we can offer to each other.

We are looking for a good FC. We have a decent area of both low sec and null sec areas to roam in as well. For pilots we have a good amount of experience pilots with some new ones as well.

Send me an in-game email Blue Arzi



Hey there - JREX is recruiting. We have activity across most major TimeZones within the Alliance we’re in [SEDIT]. Lots of content and opportunity to cut your teeth on FC’ing and other stuff.

Come chat if you’re interested in finding out more:

Looking forward to Talking

still looking.


You might fit in with us. We are late USTZ players. We are a mix of new and old players but all are eager for PvP action. We are developing a public fleet program now and we’d love to have another FC help make that go. Grow with us a while if you like.

Hey @Officer_Aurgnet

You should definitely check out our corp Embark. We’re a US TZ pvp corp in the alliance Triumvirate. We’re independent from the blocs and aren’t afraid to punch above our weight. Our success in Cloud Ring is proof that even against the blobs and entrenched lowsec alliances you can still fight for and take sov while getting good fights. While the sov stuff is mostly over we have plenty of fights against our neighbors in Syndicate and lowsec as they aren’t very happy with us being around.

If you’re interested check out our forum post and killboard to see if the times align. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more.

Hey, @Officer_Aurgnet,

I’ll keep this brief - we’re an EUTZ PVP corp based in Sinq Laison. We’re a group of mature and experienced players looking for people who know what they are doing, high SP, pvp alts etc to join us.

Drop into Discord for a chat:


not really active enough for my liking there Klava mate.

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