Assimian Legion is looking for Members and Staff!

Welcome to Assimian Legion!

We are a new Alliance looking for Member, Corporations and Staff. Feel free to contact us!
Assimian Prime is the Executor Corp and Assimian Industries the Main Corp. of Assimian Legion.

Discord: Discord
Public Channel: Assimian Legion
Recruiter: Valerian Reacher, Nelfurion Kor-Azor

Main and PvP-WinG: Assimian Prime
Industry Wing: Assimian Industries
Education Wing: Assimian Academy
Holding: Assimian Syndicate

Our Homebase is: Ardishapur Family Amt in Bashakru

We work and deal with all types of players, including industrialists, manufacturers, mission runners, station-traders, wholesalers and miners. Newbro`s and Beginners are very welcome!

You want join a low tax company? You have Alt`s and dont know which corporation you will join? Maybe one of our Corporations in Assimian Legion is the right place for you!

Contact us about anything you want to know!

There is no required activity level or participation in the corp - we understand not everyone can login every day* or wants to chat all the time.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on our Discord, or join the Assimian Legion chat channel in-game. Otherwise, if you feel like Assimian Prime/Industries is the place for you, send an application in-game with some basic.

Fly safe, and have a good day! o7

Public channel: Assimian Legion
Discord: Assimian Legion [ASMLE]

For friend`s and recruitment.

You seek Staff … That means Corporation is under construction … ? Maybe interesting for a Newbro …

Have you found interesting capsuleers ?

Unfortunately not … Not so easy to find NewBro`s especially for Staff or a new Corporation


Bump !

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There is also a german post … Have a look …