Associated Stellar Company - our history


Our corp was created in highsec almost 3 years ago by a french guy and an irish friend. We were soon wardecced of course, and then mounted a nice little coalition of corps again forsaken asylum at the time. This used to be our first fleet experiments with 100 guys of multiple different standings and zero experience, it was a mess but a cool experience and lots of new friends.

We then discovered nullsec via Providence. We soon joined our 1st alliance, got into our first really organized fleets, and discovered nullsec stuff. The war between Providence and Brave happened and created lots of stuff. Our NAGA alliance at the time had the strange idea of switching side, that’s not our kind of stuff, so as soon as we guessed it might happened, we moonwalked out quietly and then joined our 2nd alliance DKE. We continued fighting against Brave, with multiple nice big space battles. DKE then had the idea of moving into Stain, and really we didn’t feel it would work (and indeed DKE quickly left Stain to move to Scalding Pass where i had offered their south african leader their 1st sov as a christmas gift for the fun before leaving, was fun).

After DKE we joined long time friends in VOLT. We continued fighting the war against Brave, and with Provi Volt, we finally won. PL then murdered Brave, we helped them as we could, as a thank you Brave gave North Catch, and so we moved from our Provi pipe to North Catch. Volt then took independance from Provi, We then fought an intensive war against Lumpy, with very good resistance under very heavy pressure.

After that the Test CO2 invasion of Catch happened, we fought as much as possible. Our corp was the last one to evac from North Catch, closing the doors behind us.

We then moved to Querious and again discovered new space stuff, and new wars. This summer we fought two months against a SIG from PH, we saved most sov timers as usual.

End of August, we made the decision to leave Volt after two years and a half in it. Not an easy decision, but we made it and left in good terms.

We have then been in Brothers In Arms for four months, tasting the Imperium.

We then decided to join Initiative Mercenaries to join the very active Initiative family and focus even more on combat. At the moment we are active in the war of the north ! If you are looking for action, here it is every day :slight_smile:

We are not a big corp, we keep learning pvp with practice, still a lot to learn, but we have a nice team, several fcs, our own organization. Also we are not europe only, we are international with a USTZ. Yes a good team we are. Also, we have no sense of humor when it comes to sov or structures, i think we know what to defend stuff means.

We also organize regular restaurants in Paris to meet each other, so if you happen to be in that area, let us know, and we will let you know when we organize a new restaurant.

Several of us attended to Evesterdam 2017 and then Evesterdam 2018, it was a cool time ! We met with other fellow pilots over there, that was interesting ! We are also part of Eve Paris when it happens (watch out for June 16th!)

We do look our ennemies straight in the eyes, but with our friends, we are looking to share drinks !

You can contact :

Xantarus Xeres  EUTZ
Nuckenfutz   USTZ
Wyk Bathana ALL TZ

Up this one ^^

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