Asteroid Farm Unlimited - (ADFU) Null Sec Corporation - PVP, Ratting, Industrial

(tbagger98) #45

We are steadily moving forward, growing. Come join the us, and fly with the best!

(Smartik2) #46

Bump for an awesome group of guys!

Friendly and helpful from the start. Honestly, you’ll not find a better corp!

(tbagger98) #47

Good Group, looking for more troops! :slight_smile:

(tbagger98) #48

Delve is the best place to live, and we do it all…

PVP, PVE, Industrial, Mining… Reach out, join up and make that Dank Delve Iskies.

Inquire within!

(tbagger98) #49

Still looking for more dudes :slight_smile:

(tbagger98) #50

always looking for good people, to get after that money! :slight_smile:

(Smartik2) #51

Come and join the party! We’re growing FAST, we’re now one of the biggest and most definitely the best corp in The Bastion.

(Smartik2) #52

We need more EU dudes because EUTZ best TZ. All other timezones are also invited to join.

The more the merrier! :smiley:

(Stark Estidaal) #53

Never not have space-fun with us :tada:

(tbagger98) #54

Come fly with the best ! :slight_smile:

(Smartik2) #55

Come make isk AND PvP…i don’t see how it could get any better personally.

Fantastic Team.

(tbagger98) #56

We are still looking for new members, New bros… old bros…

We are an equal opportunity employer.

(tbagger98) #57

We love us some pvp, come join the fleet today! :slight_smile:

(General Grevious1) #58

I would like to join you and server as industrial platoform at your service.

(tbagger98) #59

General Grevious1,

       I sent you an evemail with the next step!  Look to see you around!
(tbagger98) #60

ADFU is still looking to gain more folks, skilled or new bro. Stop by the ingame chat, ans say hello!

(tbagger98) #61

ADFU is still hiring pilots! come join us, and help us grow into the future!

(tbagger98) #62

Come fly the friendly skies with good people. :slight_smile:

(tbagger98) #63

Hello Folks, and yess we are still recruiting!

(tbagger98) #64

We are still recruiting, limited basis. - Apply today!