Astooboo Wants You! Recruiting All Kinds!

Astooboo Enterprises is looking for new souls, old souls, in-between souls and moldy souls who are looking for a new home. We are a crazy group of pilots based in high security space looking to grow into new horizons and new ventures. Our goal is to work outside the box, developing operations and corporate programs that are interesting and new, reinventing the classics and having fun while we’re at it.

We’re recruiting pilots of all stripes - industrialist, merchant, mission runner, pvp pilots, and more. Anyone is welcome to join our wonderful insanity as long as they’re willing to work as a team, fight with us, and be friendly in corp chat and beyond.

Astooboo wants you! Do you want Astooboo? Yes you do. Join us now, or convo/mail shinson20022 in-game for more information.

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