Astrotech Syndicate is recruiting Nullsec PVPers

Astrotech Syndicate is recruiting PVP minded capsuleers for a nullsec PVP corp. We are a proud, fierce, and loyal corporation. We live in nullsec with plenty of space to Hunt, Rat, and Mine. We are an ideal corporation for aspiring and experienced PVPers and industrialists who are looking to get space rich and turn their killboards green.

We offer our members:

  • Corporate, Alliance, and Coalition:
    • PVP-from small roams to massive fleets
    • Comms(Team Speak)
    • Discord
  • 0.0 Mining/Ratting with multiple system upgrades.
  • Normal(lie), Sane(lie), Fun people(not lie)
  • Experienced players if you need help with anything.
  • Shenanigans of all sorts
  • Advancement opportunities.
  • Reward program for dedicated members
  • All TZ welcome.

Our Requirements

  • 8 PAPs/FATs per month
  • Corp participation, be that PVP, industrial activities, PI or mining ops
  • A willingness to fill a role within the corp, there are jobs to be done.
  • Minimum 10 million SP
  • Full background check
  • Active pilot

If we sound like the right fit for you, join us in our Discord

Shameless bump!!!

Still looking for a few people.

Ask not what your corporation can do for you, ask what you can do for your corporation…although this corp can do a lot for you.

And another bump.

Bumping while I should really be paying attention to class.

Still looking to add some members.

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