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Welcome to Astrotech.

We are a family of committed pilots. We rat, we mine and we pew. We pew a lot! We pride ourselves on our participation within our alliance and coalition fleets, from small gang to even the largest capital brawls, we are always involved.

We are very serious about what we do but also we ensure we have a laugh while we do it. Importantly, we respect each other and avoid drama. Much preferring to have a laugh in nearly every circumstance.

We are not only a PVP corp however. Null is full of opportunities for those wanting to rat, mine explore & make isk and we can easily help you with this :

Mining Opportunities: Mine as much as you like with the support of our alliance, there is an Ore Buyback app in development. Our members actively contribute to alliance mining operations, so if getting involved in the bigger picture is your thing, we definitely want to talk to you!

Ratting Facilities: Short of cash after buying a shiny new PvP ship? Can you play well with others? Come and take advantage of some of the nicest space that EvE has to offer! We’re in Deklein as part of ChaosTheory.

Stocking Markets: Is market PVP your preferred method of isk generation? How about getting access to a very lively market and being able to profit from providing doctrine ships on contracts? Our alliance and coalition are always demanding more ships on contract and with a very generous policy for profit margins, you can surely make a pretty penny with ease.

We can offer you:

  • 0.0 Mining/Ratting (one of the best ratting spaces in EvE, some pretty great true sec values!).
  • A truly great environment to operate in.
  • Upgraded Systems for Mining/Ratting.
  • Alliance TS3 and Discord.
  • Focused leadership that will work with you to develop your skills further if you need the assistance.
  • Opportunity to FC at corporation/alliance level if this interests you.
  • Combat available on demand.
  • Regular corporate fleets (You may have seen us doing bombing runs on Spectre fleets).

We know all pilots are at different points in their Eve journey however we will always support and guide be it with skill paths or just advice on not getting popped, we have a wealth of experience in corp. From Industrial specialists, ratting multi-boxers, diplomats, and of course FCs, we have all bases covered to help you.

Astrotech Syndicate is looking for:

  • Relaxed and friendly pilots that want to get involved.
  • Pilots that take an active involvement in the team. (Leave the drama llama at the door!)
  • Pilots from any time zone, as long as they are active.
  • A character’s level of experience isn’t important, attitude to learn and develop is.
  • Activity on Teamspeak
  • Pilots that are prepared to contribute towards the corporation and alliance
  • Pilots that are polite and respectful of others (apparently quite rare in eve, I suspect we’ve recruited most of them!.

Minimum requirements:

  • 10 mil SP (might be waived for the right candidate, come talk to us anyway!)
  • SSO registration on our character monitoring application for all of your characters
  • Voice Interview
  • A positive, mature attitude

We are a very active corp and expect all our pilots to be active also. To be part of our corporation you need to participate and contribute. For us this means going on a regular amount of fleets and joining in with the corp mining ops.

Join our channel, Astrotech Lobby in-game and have a chat with our team, alternatively, join discord and have a chat with the team! Chat to us on Discord!

This enemy Fortizar was in need of redecorating. Why bring a fair fight when you can bring overkill! Astrotech Syndicate is a compact, but potent corporation with BIG FRIENDS. Join our public channel, Astrotech Lobby, and see how you can participate!

We at Astrotech Syndicate are currently in the process of ridding our space of the Goon menace. If you’re interested in brawling in the largest and most impactful fleet fights in Eve Online, then please join our in-game public channel, Astrotech Lobby, and introduce yourself!

We’re stronger together. Very, very together in this case. There is actually an entire sub-cap fleet hidden inside this titan blob. A fleet with a very important job. Join Astrotech Lobby in-game to see how you can help. I did!

It’s a brand new week here at Astrotech with lots of ops scheduled against goons and their goonie friends. If PVP is your thing, and you like squishing bees, then we have a job for you! Join our public channel in-game, or on discord using the link above. Alternatively, feel free to message me in-game to talk about PVP, PVE, and Industrial opportunities available to our members.

Last night we teamed up with our alliance brothers and sisters in Chaos Theory for a romp through The Initiative space. If giant fleet fights and capital ships aren’t your thing, we offer frigate fun as well.

War is afoot!! We’re all very excited to deploy against goonswarm again. Love them or hate them, goons know how to bring a fight. Good thing we’re adept at fighting back. :wink:
The next few weeks are likely to be extremely exciting and bring plenty of killmails. Recruitment is temporarily on hold for security reasons, but we’ll be actively looking for new pilots after both sides get done shooting at each other. See you all on the other side!

Come join the fun. Friendly bump.

friendly bump

I joined in Astrotech few months ago after being gone from the game for 6 years and I have to say I have no regrets, so here’s a bump!

Right now the Goons are throwing us content on daily basis, so there is more than enough fleets to go around for more PvP oriented players. Being part of Dead Coalition (GOTG) also gives us a great chance to participate in some of the historic level EVE events like UALX ja both X47 fights.

That being said, it is war times and it does bear some negative effects, so it’s not the easiest environment to settle in. It also means that the recruitment process is even slower than usual. So in short, it’s pretty much your standard null sec life, things might change in short notice. :slight_smile:

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