[0.0] Astrotech Syndicate is recruiting fresh blood

Astrotech Syndicate is recruiting Miners and Combat focused individuals for our small, close-knit Null Sec corporation operating out of Deklein.

We’re looking for more members across many time zones at the moment to bolster our 24/7 presence in-game.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity, we are really selective with our recruitment, our community matters more than the number of people that we have, so if you are looking for that special place in eve where you can feel as though you are in the company of friends, we are the right fit for you. Our small corporation is one of the more respected corporations in our alliance, given our size, our participation in fleets is right up there with the big boys, our reputation is a thing of pride for us.

Make ridiculous amounts of isk:

Mining Opportunities: Mine as much as you like with the support of our alliance, there is an Ore Buyback app in development. Our members actively contribute to alliance mining operations so if getting involved in the bigger picture is your thing, we definitely want to talk to you!

Ratting Facilities: Short of cash after buying a shiny new PvP ship? Can you play well with others? Come and take advantage of some of the nicest space that EvE has to offer! We’re in Deklein as part of ChaosTheory.

Stocking Markets: Is market PVP your preferred method of isk generation? How about getting access to a very lively market and being able to profit from providing doctrine ships on contracts? Our alliance and coalition are always demanding more ships on contract and with a very generous policy for profit margins, you can surely make a pretty penny with ease!.

Astrotech Syndicate offers our members:

0.0 Mining/Ratting (one of the best ratting spaces in EvE, some pretty great true sec values!).
A truly great environment to operate in.
Upgraded Systems for Mining/Ratting.
Alliance TS3 and Discord.
Focused leadership that will work with you to develop your skills further if you need the assistance.
Opportunity to FC at corporation/alliance level if this interests you.
Combat available on demand.
Regular corporate fleets (You may have seen us doing bombing runs on spectre fleets).

Astrotech Syndicate is looking for:

Relaxed and friendly pilots that want to get involved.
Pilots that take an active involvement in the team. (Leave the drama llama at the door!)
Pilots from any time zone, as long as they are active.
A character’s level of experience isn’t important, attitude to learn and develop is.
Activity on Teamspeak
Pilots that are prepared to contribute towards the corporation and alliance

At Astrotech we believe primarily in family and community, work with us and be a part of something incredible, we’re in our second year now, and we have some pretty amazing things planned this year!

Our Minimum Requirements:

10 mil SP (might be waived for the right candidate, come talk to us anyway!)
Full API Key
Voice Interview

Mail Max Carnage in-game, or join our public channel, Astrotech Lobby, and talk to any of our members for more information!

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Daily bump!

Still looking for active and enthusiastic pilots to join our null sec team.

Must have a sense of humor, be prepared to actually talk to us in corp chat and get involved, we’re a community, we like to get to know members of our team :slight_smile:

Come and have a chat with us in the ingame channel ‘Astrotech Lobby’.

Astrotech Syndicate is still recruiting!

If you are new to null we’ll show you the ropes, if you are a bit more experienced that’s great, we’re also really interested in people that want to give FC’ing a go!

Come and make some isk with us, blow some stuff up with us and have a laugh while you do it, Once again it’s Astrotech Lobby in-game!

Recruitment is still open and we’re still keen to talk to enthusiastic individuals with a desire to take an involvement in our community.

We are a small, close-knit team that’s looking for individuals from all time zones to shoot things with us, build things with us and most importantly, enjoy their time online, with us.

Stop by Astrotech Lobby and tell us your story!

Recruitment is still open for the right candidates stop by channel Astrotech Lobby and have a chat with us!

Fresh bump for a great community and a drama free environment!

We’re looking for mature gamers from all walks of life, timezones, and professions that want to come out to null sec with us and make some isk, have some good times and support our alliance.

Stop by Astrotech Lobby for more information.

hi there my name is nnezzie im 25 very new to the game but i am going to be very active have you guys got a discord to talk more about or what is the best point of call to talk many thanks