Astrotech - PVP 0.0 corp is recruiting new contributing members

Are you looking for a new PvP home?

Looking for some people you can depend on to watch your back?

Then you might be a good fit!

At Astrotech, we are a family of committed pilots which prides itself on its fleet participation and killboard efficiency. We are a tight-knit group of adult men and women who watch each other’s backs and treat each other with respect. We are very serious about what we do however, we always have a laugh while we do it. As members of Requiem Eternal, an alliance of player corporations, who in turn is part of the informal coalition of alliances, known as Legacy, Astrotech is one corporation among many, but stands out in the crowd as a leader by making smart decisions on and off of the battlefield; decisions which have resulted in the sustainable growth of Astrotech into a successful and highly-respected corporation. Our experienced and savvy leadership is committed to promoting both the team dynamic and individual pilot growth.

Our focus is on quality of player rather than quantity, and we are selective with our recruitment. We pride ourselves on our community more than the number of people that we have, so if you are looking for that special place in Eve where you can feel as though you are in the company of friends, we are the right fit for you.

But it gets better, we are not only a PvP corp. Null sec space is full of opportunities for those wanting to do more. Rat, Explore & Mine. All to make ISK and help you advance your long-term goals in New Eden. Our corp long term goals include having every pilot in a supercarrier and titan and we are well on our way to that goal.

What we can offer you:

  • 0.0 Mining/Ratting with multiple system upgrades
  • A truly great environment to operate in that encompasses all time zones
  • Alliance Mumble and Discord
  • Focused and active leadership that will work with you to develop your skills further if you need the assistance
  • Opportunity to FC at corporation/alliance level if this interests you
  • Combat available on demand
  • Multiple corp, alliance and coalition fleets every day
  • Skill assistance program for sub-cap pilots looking to go bigger.

Astrotech Syndicate is looking for:

  • Relaxed and friendly pilots that want to get involved
  • Members that take an active involvement in the team. (Leave the drama llama at the door!)
  • A great attitude to learn and develop
  • Pilots that are prepared to contribute towards the corporation and alliance
  • Pilots that are polite and respectful to others

Minimum requirements:

  • 10 million skill points (might be waived for the right candidate, come talk to us anyway!)
  • ESI registration on our character monitoring application for all characters
  • Full ESI check and voice interview
  • Be self-sufficient with a plan on how to support yourself in new space
  • A positive and mature attitude
  • Needs to be able to make 2 Alliance fleets per week
  • Be able to fly interceptors and feroxes/shield logi
  • Long term goals in the game
  • The ability to make at least 2 PvP fleets a week on average (we understand real life happens sometimes)
  • An active killboard with minimal lousy losses
  • Not be a Goon. Grr, goons!

If getting involved in the bigger picture is your thing, we want to talk to you!

Join our in-game channel, Astrotech Lobby or click to chat with us on Discord! and have a chat with our team.


Are you intimidated by 0.0 pvp? Our four alliance level fc’s along with other experienced members are always available and host fleets aimed toward gaining exposure to new ship doctrines and tactics. No one is made to feel dumb, or a noob for asking a question related to ships or strategies. We all work together to improve the whole. Come try us out and I think you’ll love how friendly we are!


Rorqual saved, bombers dead, killmarks stenciled
All in a days work

EVE is more fun with friends! Yesterday we went on a great fun pvp roam with corp mates. The new jump bridges make it very convenient to travel through large amounts of 0.0 space quickly, making it easier to find enemies :slight_smile:

We also have an amazing food porn channel on discord.

Amazing community, incredible opportunity for you to develop and get access to bigger toys, and above all else have some fun with a corporation with a reputation for professionalism. Most of our members have been with us for years and we rarely open the doors for recruitment, so if you are non-toxic, dont like drama and want to get on some big fleets in some big ships then come and chat with our recruitment team!

Love to blow stuff up? We have every range of fleets from structure bashes to small gang roams. Come witness this massive explosion for yourself next time!

War is on the horizon for Astrotech and Requiem Eternal.

I have flown with them numerous times now, and these people are fantastic group of PvP pilots. If you are looking for a new home they are definitely worth talking to!

We came to high sec on a pvp roam
We saw the eve gate
We conquered about 700m of ships on our way home
All in a days work just for fun

In this corp, skins on your ships are not mandatory but highly encouraged. We kick ass and look good doing it.

Have you spent time in abyssal space? Along with the other fleets we run, we also have several players very experienced in abyssal that love to run together. EVE is better with friends!

We are just waiting for you to pop in…

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The team here has been working hard on formalizing our rewards system for our members this week. Because who doesn’t like cookies? Also skill books and free ships are listed, but most importantly cookies!

Another day, another structure dead. “You didn’t want that one did you?”


Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll!

Yes we like spreadsheets. We’ll even share them with you. Or you can help us create more!


We had a fun corp gate camp this evening. Great opportunity to shoot the ■■■■ and learn about new ships you haven’t flown before. Come try us out!