ATLANTIS KINGDOM - are Recruiting

cpme and join us in the chat rooom

Looking forward to speaking to you, drop in the channel AK PUB

numbers r going up, great to see, why not join the few who dare to step into the pub channel… we dont bite

bump for today

looking for more peeps join the pub for achat or inbox me in game ofc

we like to hear from u . its free

we are growing, come and be a part of this Corp :slight_smile:

bump , and ty for looking :slight_smile:

Waiting for you

boom… we want u

see you in our channel , we would like to chat to you, lets see what we can do for you ?

looking forward to speaking to you

Looking good

thank you for looking at the post :slight_smile:

keep coming in

Look forward to speaking to u in the pub channel…

:slight_smile: looking good

we want more please visit its your only hope

join us , what have you got to lose!

come on into the pub