AU/NZ TZ PVP - Sov Null Sec

Sefem Velox is an old AU Timezone pvp corporation with experience in wormholes and many years in faction warfare. We have recently moved into Null sec expecting a great amount of PvP at all times with exceptional isk making potential.

Jump Freighter Service - In Corp as well as alliance logistics available.

SRP - Alliance SRP fund for specific and approved Alliance and Coalition operations.

Regular Fleets - Continual Standing Fleet as well as regular roams into enemy space. Regular Deployments! Corp low sec roams when not on deployment.

Easy Isk - Access to easy ratting and mining in our home system

Requirements: Minimum SP requirements are based on the player applying. Full API required with application.

Pure mining, industrial and ratting players welcome although must be ready to defend home regions.

Primary Timezone: AU and NZ

null-sec, pvp, pve

Plenty of Action in Null Sec. Pvpers and Industry peeps alike required for the war effort!

WOW the war has really stepped up! Come join the action or help build the war machine. AU/NZ Timezone!

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