AU TZ 25M Skill Newish player LF Corp

Hi All,

Have been playing eve on and off (with long periods of off time) The last time really active might have been 3-4 years ago. Throughout my time playing eve I have been relatively passive and have got 0 kills to my name… Most skills are in combat.

I typically play 2-3 hours immediately before shutdown during the week 2-3 times a week and can play more than that on weekends. However, I have RL commitments (which includes sleep!) and will be unlikely to be able to play significantly more than that which may restrict ability to join all fleets.

I am looking for a corp to join to have some fun with other players, and join in on fleets available during the hours I play. Preferably a corp that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is pretty easy going.

Due to my limited time, I have been considering FW as a good option (Would need to be Caldari or Amarr), but I am open to other suggestions. Preference would be not be high sec PVE however.

Let me know if I may be a good suit to your corp.

Hi mate
have a look at us at solstice rises we have people active accross most time zones linked is our corp add hope you find what you’re looking for

I’ll send you a mail in game.

We are almost all AU based and always take a RL first approach to the game. We small gang roam pre and post DT (lots more pre-DT now with daylight savings for most of us).

We have guys in most capital cities around the country and quite a few that play in a similar style to you.

We run a Discord server for chat and comms when we fleet and we often roam in Spectre Fleet, as a couple of our members are FCs for Spectre.

We aren’t in FW, since we prefer to shoot everyone and we tend to roam lowsec and nullsec mostly.

You can check our killboard here:

A couple of Alliance Tournament matches (we enter for fun each year):

I have also sent this message to you in-game.

Hello Coffee Braek

So I understand you are looking for a corp so you can get into some group pvp fleets.
Black Rams is currently building an Alliance The Nightingales of Hades. We are a PvP group, we also do some minning and other activities such as exploration and missions to help with money making. We are mostly a EU and AU Timezone group, I myself am from Victoria in Australia. I myself like to teach pilots who dont know how to pvp, how to do it, including how to fit various types of ships to perform specialised tasks. Most of our normal fleets involve Frigate Gangs, as we expand we will be going to bigger toys aswell. I tend to train my students in Frigates first so they get a handle on how things work, aswell as that Frigates are quite versitile craft. If you want to become a badass pilot and rack up some nice kills Black Rams is the place to be, we have plenty of veteran pilots that can help you on your journy to becoming a great pvp pilot. I understand that you only have acess to about 2-3 hours a day at 2-3 days during the week and extended times on weekends, that is completely fine, we are very newbro friendly and understand IRL comitments come first. If your interested give me a buzz, I will hopefully try to strike up a conversation with you during the week when your online.

Yours Faithfully
Grunnax Aurelius
Black Rams
The Nightingales of Hades

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