[Auction] Jackdaw Propulsion Mode

I am looking to sell a very very rare collectors item, very few of these type of modules exist, as far as I understand there was a error in 2015 and CCP allowed the modules to stay in game

To be clear the module is NOT usable. It is a collectors item.

1 billion isk start bid
Reserve Hidden
Buyout 10b or a good offer

Some more info here http://eve-museum.wikia.com/wiki/Confessor_Propulsion_Mode


Location is Jita , I will make the contract,

lf bids still

Hold your breath.

These are not so ‘rare’ as they drop during heavy time dilated fights or when specific structures die, 500m offer

still for sale.

I stuck it on auction in jita, 10m start bid 3.5b buyout, bid away lol

and this for some info http://eve-museum.wikia.com/wiki/Confessor_Propulsion_Mode

This is true and if Serenity gets more than 500mil for it i mite put mine up on contract as well.

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