'Augmented' Mining drone BPC 120 runs

I bought a 120 run ‘Augmented’ mining BPC a while back. Never used it, what is it worth?

You can find out when you click right on it and select “use blueprint”. Preferable in a main market hub so the game pulls realistic prizes. Then look at the price of the drone vs the price of the materials you need to put in. It’s shown when you hover over it in the production window.

I’ve never seen a 120 run BP for ‘Augmented’ Drones. If it’s legit it might even be some kind of relic some collector would buy from you. Just need to find him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not fake. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/PqibFpj

As for market wise, i would think it would be around 2.1B to price according to the 10 and 60 run bpcs. But i have been keeping an eye on the contracts and have never seen another 120 run up for sale.

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