Australian 0.0 mining and industrial corp looking for AUS TZ players

We are recruiting AUSTRALIAN timezone

What we do/offer:

- Residency in 0.0
- Part of a large industry alliance
- Mining ops
- Ice mining / Moon mining / gas harvesting
- Rating / pve / sites
- Planetary interaction
- Trading
- Exploration
- Mineral / loot buy backs

What/who we are looking for:
- Casual players
- Enjoys mining, trading, PI, pve, making ISK!

We accept new players - new players will be given a FREE mining barge!

We are a small and upstarting corp with a small casual player base.

We are looking to collaborate with others to help build the corp and its content.

• Australian Mining Corp - 0.0 based with close access to low and high sec
• Part of large industrial alliance
• Moon mining, Ice mining, Ore mining
• Boosts and mining fleets
• Planetary Interaction in 0.0
• Ore and PI buy backs available
• New player friendly
• 0% tax
• Very relaxed and casual – real life comes first corp

Join ‘LIVOF Public’ channel to discuss recruitment, or eve mail Marco Cvarvicii to discuss.

Hello! Do you guys have a public in-game chat channel or a public discord server where i could discuss enlistment to your corporation?

Hi there. Yes please join LIVOF Public or eve mail myself to discuss. Thanks

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