Autism Cartel 💥 Seeking Pirates for Small to Mid Scale PvP (US/EU)

If you’re an active and experienced PvPer looking for a high quality gang to fly with than look no further!


  • Target rich environment
  • Teamspeak3 for voice and Discord for text chat
  • Plenty of ISK making opportunities
  • NBSI

What kind of activities do we offer?

  • Hot drops/Black ops
  • Gate Camps and Roams
  • Lowsec and Null PvP
  • High-Sec War Decs
  • Suicide Ganks
  • Piracy
  • Mercenary Services
  • Tear Harvesting
  • Occasional WH

Who is in your player base?

  • Mid-twenties to fourty+ year old bitter vets
  • Former FCs from some of the largest alliances in the game
  • Wealthy Nerds that are determined to make our goals succeed
  • Majority of members are in the 100m SP Club

Requirements to Join?

  • Minimum 10m SP
  • Newer players with a good grasp of the game’s mechanics and Bitter Vets are welcome to join.
  • Capital Pilots or Near Capital Pilots are most preferred, but not required.

Current Goals:

  • To blow up ■■■■ each and every day

Future Goals:

  • Claim an area of Lowsec Space.(Done)
  • Continue Expanding Territory

Interested in Joining?

  • Join our Pub Channel = “Autism Cartel Pub”
  • Reach us on Discord =
  • Talk to a corp recruiter via in game message and we will follow up shortly after.

Been flying with these dudes for almost a year now. Great group of guys, lots of shenanigans, lots of PvP, and lots of isk making opportunities. Would highly recommend joining.

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Come join us!

We had a good scrap last night! Join us and get kills :pirate_flag:

Last Nights Brawl

Join an independent corp that values freedom. Good gang fights always going on.

I miss our old post… Totally not the first to parrot, but def the first to do two parrots!

Hit us up in game!

Join or die!

Looking for more terrible ****s to join our crew.

No soul?
No morals?
Want to blow **** up?
Want to make good isk?


I’m too drunk to taste this chicken


To the top! We’ve been getting some sick fights recently.


Still looking for a handful of people who want to pirate with the best. Join us :pirate_flag:

yes, and flick their bean with us too…


Murder. Death. Kill.

Looking for more people to raise hell with us.

Join us :pirate_flag:

Yo Ho! Join us!

Three more guys joined yesterday, get in now while we have the doors open! Lots of laughs and lots of explosions!

If you want to join a winning corp that is growing where you can make a difference and have your voice be heard… JOIN NOW!

Drop on by and say hello! We are still looking for a few more capable pilots!