Average asset per character/account

I wonder what the average asset valuation of a character or whole account is in this game?

So I know when my total assets reaches the big leagues :yum:

I’m not sure that’s the right measure, there’s thousands of dirt poor 1 day alpha characters around (most who quit years ago) pulling the average down.

Trevor it will pretty much come down to what forumers think is a good valuation I suppose.

Well, as a forumer, I don’t think it’s a good valuation :stuck_out_tongue:

I just mean forumers will suggest what’s good.

I’ll start. Is 50billion good?

To give a benchmark: the total valuation of all my characters is probably around 200-300bil, I have about 15 characters (including throwaway alphas.) So 20 bil “per character” (which is why it’s a meaningless statistic). And I doubt I’m anywhere near “big league”.

I think it would be fair to say that the median is far lower, as to the mean, well if there are enough trillionaires, that might raise the mean to such levels.

As to what is a good value to have in assets, that depends on what you do in game.
And if all the game is to you, a game of making money, then there is no sufficient value of assets.

Do you factor in skills? Skill points are by far the most expensive thing in the game.

Indeed, it’s known there are a few eve trillionaires around. These high values will highly distort a mean. I suspect most new players who quit within a day, have less than 1m ISK to their name. So you’d need a million such 1-day newbies to be able to balance out the one trillionair when calculating the mean ISK/character. Now I know the new player retention is bad, but it’s not that bad.

That’s going to depend on how you valuate skills… The ability to buy skills was only recently (last couple of years) introduced. Most skillpoints in game are not bought by ISK, so do they count as wealth? Also, did the average wealth of players suddenly spike upwards when skill injectors got introduced?

“Enough money to do what you want without needing to worry about the occasional loss.”


The big leagues are in the trillions. It’s fairly easy to accumulate assets and isk over time.

I would say that the moment one stops caring for isk or cost/loss is when you’re doing it right™, whatever that number may be.

We can just say per all accounts. That’s good.

If for every trillionaire you have a thousand space-poor, that would drag the mean down to around a billion.

And do we count people no longer playing?

I don’t think that is as important as just a consideration of what is “wealthy”. If 20b is paltry…then it’s paltry. Speak your mind.

What is wealthy depends on where you are.

If I was back in null, I’d be on the poor side (but still able to buy a doctrine fax and spares.)

What is the cost of living adjustment between HS and Null do you think?

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My benchmark is 10 years game time worth of plex per omega character.

500 x 12 x 10 = 60k plex per omega char.

So about 220b per omega character with current prices.

I’m not worth that much. I think my characters combined are about 60b, and my corp has about 20b in assets and orders.

But the important thing is that I’m enjoying the game (most of the time). It always brightens my day when I pass through a few systems and look at peoples dumb names. I mean, how do you name yourself Shadowwolf69 or Darkdragon420? Not nearly as good as my name. Nope.

Why you need average?

There are people with negative vallet in red that had billions before and there are trillionaires who achieved that in span of countless years of playing. There are also people who just happen to have everything put into V skills so they can do everything perfectly.

What is the big league definition you speak of? :thinking:

Something like Bilderberg group?

Its an entry level? I would say 1 Trillion is the margin to be considered elite, the 0,1 %, combined assets and character skills. Lower than that I would say its still not enough.

Dont know what amount of players they took back then to calculate it. Probably all the subscribers actively playing. But they could take all of the characters even those not playing for years and inactive.

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