Axiom of Aggression\Subliminal Aggression

Low Sec/Nul Sec PvP Corp looking for some more people able to actually play the game. Whether you’re a sub cap pilot or cap pilot we have a home for you

What can u expect from us?

  • Content
  • No Drama
  • If you’re reading further than this I’m not sure what to say
  • Insults (If you’re lucky)
  • I’m just trying to fill the space at this point to make it sound more than it is. But it’s not it’s just EvE…

What do we expect from you?

  • To play the game and have fun flying with us.
  • To be able to use our Discord, specifically Discord Voice Comms at fleet ups.
  • To be self sufficient about your ISK. We can provide you the tools, butyo u need to do your part too.
  • To follow fleet doctrines (when necessary) and FC’s orders (standard practice really).

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who is willing to join and contribute to the PvP side of the corp.

That’s enough splurg, come say hi - or “ AoA Newbros ” chat Channel.

Hi ,

I am the ceo,

You may know me from famous tv shows such as Fat Albert , Im drunk and I cant get up, and Australia’s funniest home videos.

Come check us and the B.L.A.C.K. alliance out,

We pew.

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So what are we doing today? Today I watched Fat Albert on TV, it’s a great show

I woke up with a mission. It was time to change. It was time to become more, time to become better. For the first time in my many years of playing eve, I opened the recruitment center.

Check our killboard for deep and invasive knowledge…

There were many options available but I knew what I wanted. I wanted something intimate, something small, yet packing a considerable punch. I didn’t want to be lost in the faceless sea of Null. One character among thousands. An incremental unwashed body to be thrown against their enemies.

I’m not sure if anyone is reading this. Give me a thumbs up if you are :slight_smile:

Discord Thoughts of the Day in the eyes of Vera:

  1. The legislative prowess of Wombats
  2. Hel vs Nyx? Answer: Stop being a coward and dual-box both.
  3. Keeping the romance alive with your kangaroo partner: How to reignite that spark when you first met and 15 ways to keep it spicy.

If null was not for me, where would I find the combat necessary to become a battle hardened veteran?

News Break - We have a infestation near by. Perfect opportunity to get some use out of your pest squashing boots. Lots of fun most days suppressing the Caracal population. They are an invasive species that must be managed.

I feel more scared in high sec than in null… Is that normal?

You know where I feel most secure? In your soothing embrace.

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We have an all you can eat snack bar, and free beer after 5:00 on Fridays. Full medical, but dental is not included. Not enough teeth among us to justify the cost.

Also important note, don’t judge the corp by me. Every one else is much better looking and competent flying spaceships.

We are an entirely tolerable group of people. Stop by our channel and say “Hi”

Every night Chinch sings us sweet lullabies until we fall asleep under his watchful gaze.

After we fall asleep, Hunted dances around a fire, naked, screaming at the moon to stop being so bright. Every 28 days there is silence as he celebrates the darkness with a gallon of the finest moonshine.

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Sat at work wondering why remote access is blocked to my home PC. Probably so I can’t play so here I am. Hit us up on discord!

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