-=B/O Lowered=- WTS 92 mil SP Pilot -==Updated==-


250,000 Unallowcated Sp

Max Missiles and Gunnery

Great Tengu/Legion Pilot

3 Remaps Av

+4.82 Sec Status …

Pos Wallet

No Killrights

Can Fly Charon aswell … all around great toon just have to many and just returned to game so need a wallet boost …

Start bid =70bil

B/O = 78 bil

i’ll start ya out with a 70 mil bil bid …Glad to see ya back man !!

Offer Retracted.

daily bump :slight_smile:

B/O Lowered

daily bump

74 bil

75bil isk B/o

76 billion

77 bil

we are 1 bil away from a sale here !!!

Daily bump

Vulgus Carovigra bid of 77 bil is accepted … please send isk and info

sending isk and account info

Awaiting transfer

Isk and Info recieved …Transfer started … please take good care of her

Char received. Thank you

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