B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec.... Come Fly With Us!

Summer is here! Boss is still recruiting! We have a lot of new and returning players joining us. Be part of the BOSS family!

Come PVP with us!

BOSS is recruiting corps and pilots for NPC null fun.

Don’t knock it 'til you tried it! Come and chat us up at:


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We are still recruiting - great times, great fleets, no strings.

Recruiting: Pilots, Corps, Alliances for a growing team of pvp oriented npc null pilots!

Since the Righteous rebles joining BOSS alliance. We have been able to get into safe calculated cap battles, Work less (mining, manufacturing, general krabbing), fight more all while doing it with a group of solid pilots. Knowledge to gain. Fun to be had. Leave the lowsec/karebear grind behind. Join BOSS and be a BOSS.

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If Brentron likes it…
It has to be B0SS.

Join us today!


Join Today!

We were aiming for killing one super a day this week but unfortunately Thursday didn’t work out. Luckily we were able to restart our streak last night.

Apparently I can only have two links per post so you’ll have to fix this one yourselves:

Join today for free Hel killmails!

Join B0SS today! It’s been a Hel of a week

Still recruiting…

Join boss!!!

Brotherhood of Spacers…

Never not recruiting.

Donuts have a lot of carbs.

Go Keto.
Go B0SS.

B0SS is recruiting! We hunt and kill supers!

B0SS has a lot to be thankful for this week

Check out our discord for more info on joining!

B0SS is Recruiting!!!

Hey SF long time no see! Ive come back to the game and have been playing on and off messing about in highsec and have been thinking of getting back into the game properly. I see you guys are back in BOSS, whats new?

welcome back @cBOLTSON