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Still recruiting…

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Brotherhood of Spacers…

Never not recruiting.

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B0SS is recruiting! We hunt and kill supers!

B0SS has a lot to be thankful for this week

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B0SS is Recruiting!!!

Hey SF long time no see! Ive come back to the game and have been playing on and off messing about in highsec and have been thinking of getting back into the game properly. I see you guys are back in BOSS, whats new?

welcome back @cBOLTSON

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I joined boss almost a year ago and still have yet to receive my 5bil sign up bonus. I’m starting to feel like I’ve been scammed…

Even the people we kill love us!

SilverLP > Although I am dead, I love you

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Donuts have a lot of carbs.

Go Keto.
Go B0SS.

we kill donuts


I’ve been with B0SS, specifically Star Frontiers (-S-F-) for a little over 2 months now. We’ve gone from near-nightly blopsing, to super killing, to holding meme sov during the war between the Freemen and FRT, and now to harassing FRT, CA, and VVV while maintaining our freedom in Venal. Its been a wild ride with some excellent people that I’m glad I can call friends. I would recommend this amazing group of people to literally anyone, but especially those who are sick of the blue donut life and are looking to make those groups feel some hurt, or anyone who’s interested in nullsec life without CTAs to deal with sov headaches. Come by and give us a try!

My name is Titanic Mistake, and if your looking for your next highly profitable blunder in space; honestly, look no further.

I am a career pirate and junior FC with Hlep Tackled

We have been recruiting for some time now, engage primarily with Fraternity, VVV, and the Caldarius Alliance in skirmishes in the Northern Regions (Branch, Vale, Venal, Tribute, and Tenal) in New Eden.

Our content isn’t limited to just fighting the Big Blue Null Bloc however, as we catch roaming gangs, steal ESS bonds, hunt ratters, and much more. There is home for you here and we want pilots just like you to come fly with us, to live in the best kind of null space, and to enjoy fleeting up with best kind of PVP group in the North.

With 24/7 content, pilots that care about improving their craft in combat, and a space for newer pilots to learn more about what PVP has to offer, this is a opportunity you should reach out to us about.

We are recruiting in all time zones!

Reach out to me in-game: Titanic Mistake

Use our Discord (https://discord.gg/q84DP82xMJ) to ask us your burning questions.

Bump for good dudes, and a great PVP alliance!

We kill supers, come join boss

Check out a video from one of the dankest fights we had against Frat