B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec.... Come Fly With Us!

Now with moon goo

…and dank hotdrops

Moar frags

We offer Black Ops Battleship fleets. A killmail is linked below.

A small group of 50 pilots targeted a Minokawa.

Swagger Olacar made a new dank vid:

Had some good fun blopsing around yesterday. Still looking for some new members :slight_smile:

We have a cool logo

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Dank frags await

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We seek pilots both in the EU and US timezone. We do PvP without the drama.

Hello there

We live in the NPC Venal region. We offer Black Ops fleet on a regular basis.

We continue to have fun.

B0SS is in fact recruiting

We even go into wormholes sometimes!

Kinda spooky though so we usually come back out.