B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec.... Come Fly With Us!

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Remember the Kirin

We are living in the Venal region. Recently, one corporation joined the alliance.

We are looking for pvp pilots.

Be a B0SS. Join B0SS!

US timezone PvP is offered daily. I am having a good time as part of BOSS.

I came back to EVE after 7 years away and looked up my old corp, Star Frontiers, in it’s new alliance [BOSS]. I re-joined and got right back to killing people in PVP on my first day back to nullsec! 10/10 would join again. NPC nullsec is a cool place to hang around.

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Bumb for a nice corporation

We are looking for PvP pilots.

Join us today, we have open spots for PvE and PvP pilots.

We are mature pilots.

Pilots that want to pvp are welcome in this alliance.

We seek mature pilots.

Come and join us this weekend.

Join us in Venal.

I joined B0SS looking for a chill Black Ops/Small Gang group, now I can say from first hand that It’s been the most enjoyable almost one year of service in a Null Sec organization, so far we’ve been taking fights against much bigger groups, and getting away with kills than most block bois won’t even think of getting without a 300 man Muninn fleet.
Some say “don’t mess with the big block or else” B0SS doesn’t beleive in that junk, NEVER NOT FIGHT THE BLOBS. It’s with them that I got my little project as a YT content creator started with fun videos to watch and to produce showcasing some of our craziest adventures, and I hope I get to be a part of even more of them o7

Memes aside, B0SS has been by far the best group I’ve had the pleasure of flying with.

Tons of content, competent pilots, no drama or politics. If you’re done with stagnant null-block gameplay, give us a try. Every pilot matters.

Join us, we have free guristas apparel

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We do PvP fleets in the US timezone.

My Gurista jacket is comfortable yet utilitarian.