Star Frontiers - 12 Years Of Amazing Times - Nullsec PvP & General Play - Member of Test Alliance

Star Frontiers Is Recruiting Mature, Skilled, and Self-Reliant Pilots for Sov Nullsec - No Experience Required

Nearly 12 years ago Star Frontiers was founded by a group of “rl” friends with one goal in mind: great gameplay with great friends. To this day, we’ve stayed true to that vision. Whether it be a part of a big alliance, a small alliance, or running our own alliance (formerly known as B0SS Alliance), we’ve managed to maintain a close-knit, family feel combined with a commitment to skilled, well-informed gameplay.

At Star Frontiers we place a premium on mature social interactions, and on playing eve well - by learning, growing and communicating with one another. As we once famously stated, “we’re not elitists, we’re just tired of fail.”

As a member of Test Alliance, yet as a corporation known to have a solid, robust corp culture we offer nullsec pilots the best of both worlds - all the benefits of a large, well established alliance, with the fun and excitement of a small, close knit PvP & General Play group. We are the perfect solution for the PvP interested pilot who prefers a smaller, closer knit feel while not wanting to sacrifice the benefits and experiences large alliances offer.

Of note we offer:

  • Alliance Wide Comms, Forums & Discord
  • Alliance SRP
  • Large Alliance Fleets
  • Excellent, Safe, Space To Share With Good Friends
  • Corporation Fleets & Incentives
  • Corporation Discord
  • A Cadre of Skilled, Experienced Leadership To Help You Succeed.
  • A robust presence at out-of-game EVE events such as EVE Vegas & Fanfest.

We don’t ask for much from our pilots. An interest in PvP is a must, but we are a mature corporation who also understand our best members are often busy professionals with families and “rl” obligations.

Our ideal pilots:

  • PvP Regularly (no hard minimums however)
  • Get On Comms
  • Interact In A Fun, Social and Amicable Way
  • Contribute to Both Alliance & Corporation Ops
  • Wish To Enjoy The Full Range of Nullsec Experience

If this sounds like you then stop by our public chat in game “Star Frontiers” or better yet, join us on Discord at:

Star Frontiers Discord Invite

For those who already have their own corporation, we do entertain mergers - no fewer than 6 of our directors were leadership in corporations that merged into our own. We truly offer a home for everyone, that will become every much YOUR corporation.

Check us out today!

Recruitment Contacts
Argus Sorn
Nickolas Timmothy
Tru Dark

Or honestly… any of our members!


MatthewMN here,

I’ve been with this Amazing Corp for 7 years. I went back and looked at our previous Recruitment Post and read through my previous posts over the past 7 years, and it’s crazy to think that I’ve talked to these Internet Friends for that long (longer then any of my current RL Friends). On that note, lets just kick this off the same way I have for every Testimonial Post I have in the past.

I’m 28 (29 This month), I have been with this corp through 1x Military Deployment, 5 RL Moves, and 3x RL Jobs. I’ve attended 2x Iceland Fanfests, and 1x Eve Vegas with this Crew (We always have at least 5-10+ SF members at these events.

I even stayed with one of our UK brethren and his wife after my last Military Deployment.

Needless to say SF, while being a larger corporation has a very VERY close knit feeling to it. We always look out for one another both in eve and in RL.

The sense of Family that comes along with joining SF is second to none, and honestly the best group of people I’ve ever met in my life.

I started out in SF as a 12mil SP noob back when SF was in Brick Squad (RIP), I knew almost nothing about eve, other than I didn’t like waiting for content. When I asked if I could try running fleets, I was told, “Go ahead run whatever you like, doesn’t matter if you die, as long as you create content and are having fun”. I took that to heart and honestly never stopped running fleets for about 4 Years. I worked my way up from FCing Subs, to Caps, to Supers, all the while finding new friends throughout eve to play with.

Then I went on my second Military Deployment for a year, all the while I tried to stay in touch, but it’s hard to stay in touch when you’re in a sandbox with limited communications. They always tried to make me feel included while I was gone for Military Events, Argus Sorn even got me a Tshirt and a mug during FF that year.

When I got back, I immediately got a new job, and a new house, lol and later on that year a wife. Not to mention my Mil Career decided to become really really busy, and honestly hasn’t stopped being busy for the past couple years.

These days I can only play 3-4 Months out of the year, it’s really great to see that the SF mantel is still being carried on by our great members and friends.

If I could give one reason to join SF, it wouldn’t be the content (which is always high class and fun), it would be the people.

The People of SF are what makes us Great, and I have never been tempted, or wanted to join a different Corp in the past 7 years of SF.

TLDR: Join for the content, stay for the people.


I’ve only played EVE for about a year now and Ive only been with Star Frontiers for about 2 months now, but I have to say this corp is the best I’ve been a part of. The atmosphere is great, everyone is helpful and laid back.

Star Frontiers is mostly a PVP corp and while that might scare some people off, it shouldn’t. Fleets are always fun and there’s always some kind of content. The FCs are always clear and concise, but dont scream at you if you make a mistake, in general fleets are always fun and laid back. When I first started EVE I had no interest in PVP, I wanted to mine and build things and watch netflix, but SF made PVP fun and enjoyable in a way that I just havent found in other corps.

Even though SF is mostly PVP focused its full of people who are knowledgeable about all different aspects of EVE, from mining and industry to PI and ratting, there’s always someone around who can help out and explain all aspects of EVE. It was really surprising joining SF and finding such a welcoming group that’s willing to explain things to you if you’re relatively new to null, or have no idea what to do out here. That’s something that you dont generally find in Null groups that aren’t the major New Bro friendly corps out in null.

In SF you have the understanding of a new player corp that you find in the large “we take all” corps but the advantage of not just being another number lost in the masses.

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Ask yourself this…

Do you like being able to play Eve the way YOU want?
You like to Roam & PvP, we’ve got that for you and actually seek out content.
You like to Mine the sh!t out of space, we’ve got that too.
You want to build ships and arm our fleets? We’ve got you covered with a fully load Sotiyo.
Maybe you want to join a BlopsFleet to get your wreckin’ on… ya, we have that too.

Still not convinced?

Want to become a better pilot or even an FC? You will learn from the best and everyone is helpful.

And for the close… We have great comms without the continual sperge. We laugh, we joke, we talk game, we talk and play other games, but know that when you log in your bros are at the Space Cantina bull-sh!ting about their days while enjoying the game the way you want to play it.

Been flying with these boys for over a year and a half, there isn’t a better group of dudes in space.


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Kithiara here,

i’ve been playing EVE for more then 4 years now,
half of it as either in the same alliance or as a member of Star Frontiers.

Short EVE Lifestory

I started my EVE childhood like most of us, in HighSec, doing PvE content with a small group of friends, trying to figure out the game. As we grew up so did our gameplay.

Exploration, the first wormhole. The first wormhole loss. – Campers –
LowSec, the first big kill. FactionWarfare, Incursions and dipping the toes into NullSec water.

Two years passed and we finally decided to join a NullSec Corp. Little did i know that time but the way i played EVE would change on a massive scale. Even tho it should be another year until i join Star Frontiers directly, i flew with them under the banner of Brotherhood of Spacers.

Since then i’ve been a part of EVE History.

  • I’ve been in some of the biggest fights in EVE.
  • I’ve watched empires grow and fall.
  • I moved from my first kill ever (a Hyperion) to citadels and a titan.

Though far apart, we are all united by heart.

I expected a lot when i came down from HighSec to Null, the one thing i did not expect to find was a Family.

The crazy uncle, who makes you stand there in awe for the ■■■■ he pulls of.

The lovely parents, who guide you with their wisdom and scold you if you do stupid things, but in a manner a real parent would do.

The brothers, sisters and cousins. Some of them a bit further away then others, but all part of your family, there when you need them, having your back whatever goes down. Some of the times even before you know.

All in all, if i had known Star Frontiers when i started playing, i would have been there from day one.

Thanks for being part of my EVE life.

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tl;dr - 2 month in SF; my two cents. 10/10 would join.

I have been playing Eve since 2003 with breaks here and there and only ever lived in nullsec once before.
I mainly play Eve for the immersion and space vistas, blowing cool ■■■■ up and just enjoy my self being in space and not in real life for a moment.

I don’t find my self anything elitist, I prefer fun before anything else and I frankly don’t care about stats. But with that said I enjoy the PVP aspect of Eve the most
and getting better is never boring not matter how rocky the journey will be.

So, I have only been in SF for a bit under 2 month. But here is my honest opinion of Star Frontiers.

They are great. I fun group of dudes that truly feel like they, like me, just want to enjoy Eve in a spirit that is friendly, educational and focused on content and having fun together. Being a 30-year old my self and most of the corporation being around there or beyond, it is very relaxed in a way that respects your time as a person and that real life and work comes first. And more importantly, that playing Eve should be a fun and relaxing activity.

Never should you, nor have I ever, felt at unease being on comms and/or in space with these dudes. That´s coming from a Swede who don’t share the majority´s time zone (I am not the only non-US though!) and have just been in SF for about 2 month so far.

Currently in TEST alliance makes for an amazing amount of content, both from the alliance side but also much from SF them self. We have some of the best FC´s (+ fun, relaxed and friendly) I’ve flown with and it is an honor to be in the same corporation as these guys!

So basically, a respectful, super friendly, non-elitist, do-not-be-dick, PvP focused nullsec corporation that expects you to be friendly, have fun and contribute to the spirit of the corporation of being this close-knit group of people that enjoy playing internet spaceships as adults and having fun doing it.

That is how I feel about SF.
I would recommend anyone who thinks this is how they want to enjoy their time in Eve to join!

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Hay most people know me from TDF Incursions as pepsi

While being members of other corps and in the same alliance as S-F in the past I found that the members of S-F would keep welcoming me to there fleets and the more I got to know them the more fun I started having.

In 2017 I left the game for RL issues and had informed there leadership and my corps leadership as to I will be away for a while. Unfortunly Psyno was nowhere to be found when I returned and Due to the fun, support I had from S-F there was little to think about of where to go.

I contacted recruitment and was welcomed in. Since I have returned to game I have been out on fleets having fun still learning new things in this game and I have been playing since 2009.

When I returned to game there was a lot of changes ranging from capital to sub caps had happened. The corp members was quick to work together to help me through auth for the alliance and then help me find all the doctrines what I can fly and get me up and running. Not only did they help with the PVP but they helped me build a stronger isk income with advice and pointing in the right direction which as we all know you need ISK in this game.

Not only have I become part of the S-F family but also found my place in eve online.

I personally recommend if you consider joining S-F to get out in one of xXNemXx or Seddow fleets as they are a lot of fun. I did not think pvp was for me and after going on fleets with these guys they soon changed my mind.

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I was drunk few years ago, someone from star frontiers ask me to join. no sure why, I am sure something happen, but can not recall exactly, all I remember was something about a tissue and some cream and hairy something.

I am still here :slight_smile:


SF let me bring my drake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When members of an eve corporation post on a recruitment thread such as this one, the comments are often genuine. There are a lot of corporations in EvE but there is not another corporation such as ours. I hope each perspective member takes time to read these testimonials as a genuine sense of why you should aim to be part of the Star Frontiers Family

I joined BOSS alliance, which was headed by Star Frontiers and then joined the corporation itself over a year ago. I joined having come from a null sec renter alliance where the taxes were used to pay rent and pad the owners pockets. Star Frontiers is one of the most unique corporations where the taxes actually go back to infrastructure and corp ops that members see and use. That in itself is a major reason SF sets itself apart.

However, when looking for an eve corporation, you should be selfish. You should not join a corporation because they have a good culture, friends you can bond with or have low taxes. While these are good reasons, a player should join a corporation that benefits them in a way to want to make them play the game. The corporation should be able to provide them with the ability to obtain their own eve goals not previously imaginable. Through this corporation, I have acquired and built titans and supers and everything in between. Two years ago I dreamed of flying my first Nyx and now I produce one every two weeks. I found out that I enjoy building capitals and being able to whelp them at my disposal. I’m not the greatest PvPer but I have fun with it. This corporation is not the type of corporation that applies pressures for you to act a certain way or train for a certain ship. More often than not, you will find that your own eve goals will align with the goals of the corporation, which is to make everyone a better player in order to truly enjoy EvE Online. We’re not elitists, we’re just tired of fail.

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I’m still pretty new to SF. I’ve been in and out of the game from '11 to about '16. These last two years I’ve been in the game more I jumped around and followed a few good guys. They left, and now I’ve gotten the chance to fly with SF. I’ve really enjoyed the feel of the group of guys.
They are about having fun with the game. I get my industrial (mining) kick but get to fly in a lot of good fights with them, or if needed with the alliance. I’ve just gotten started with Black ops and (soon) capital fights with the corp, and I’m really excited about continuing to shoot things with them as the new year rolls around.
Consider SF, they are a bunch of good guys.

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Let me start off by saying. I have played eve for over a decade now. The CEO of Star Frontiers and I go all the way back to the days of IT held Fountain. When we were both semi-ignorant noobs in pet alliances that thought we knew everything. Lets just say we did not always get along. O how we have both grown up lol.

Fast forward to 3 months ago. As an FC in a major alliance that is constantly involved in bloc warfare. It can be difficult to find a corp to fit into. Fc’s have to split their time between alliance and corp functions. They are often super busy with behind the scenes activities. “hanging” out with people in other corps. So corps will often feel like this dude is not as “integrated” as everyone else is, and just not an actual part of the corp. He never just sits on coms with us to just mine and talk. Why should we go on his fleets or help him out? These guys get it and understand.

Before I left my previous corp in test I looked around to where the other FC’s I liked were, and asked them about their corps. After talking with people -SF- seemed to be the best fit. These guys realize that real life comes first ((I’ll talk about eve Vegas later)) and that certain people in alliance positions might have other things they need to handle that splits their time. -SF- is a place that this is totally ok.

I may get some flak for this. But at the moment -SF- has 3 of the most active fun seeking FC’s in Test Alliance. Myself, xXNemXx and Seddow. Every week you will be showered with pings of possible fights and activities in both EU and USTZ. From every level of fleets. Small through Large. Watch your pings and and forum calendar and there will never be a shortage of content for everyone.

These guys love to PVP. Don’t get me wrong, they love to mine and make money too. But I have never been in a corp before, that has such a high percentage of people that will instantly dock up their rorquals to go on a fleet for fun content.

Probably the best part of the corp is that everyone in here are just cool dudes. I am so F’ing glad I joined up before Eve Vegas. My previous corp only had I think 1 dude attend. This corp had 15 people. We drank, gambled, dined and partied like champs. My girl friend was a little apprehensive at first about coming with me to meet a bunch of internet nerds with neck beards. However everyone in corp turned out to be respectable fun loving people and she had just as much fun at Vegas as I did hanging out with these nerds. People often portray themselves differently online from who they are in real life. These guys don’t have to do that because we are all already awesome.

You’ve got 10 months to get to know all these dudes before the Next Eve Vegas. Come join the party :slight_smile:

Test Alliance FC
AT Pilot
Lord Rahvin

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I’m approaching my first full year with SF. I have to say it’s been an awesome experience. Most members have been long time vets of the game and their collective wealth of knowledge and willingness to help have made a welcoming atmosphere that I enjoy to sign in to at night. There are always people on ready to do something. The leadership is always thinking of new avenues to generate content for the members and autonomy is given to pursue your own goals outside of those avenues. In my ~10 years of playing this has been the best corp to be apart of.

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Star Frontiers has always, and will always, reward self sufficient pilots with numerous rewarding avenues of game play. With a rich and developed internal identity, and an environment that places real life first. Members get the rewards of a dedicated pvp group, while not having to alarm clock for ctas, or other mandatory operation. There is no better place to kick back and hang out with friends, make isk, explore new avenues of the game, and play eve to its fullest.

SF has been my home for quite some time now, and I can assure you, there is no better one.

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I’m going to use only a few words here. I’m not a salesman, and I’m not a recruiter so I’m just going to lay it out.

If your looking for a somewhere where kicking in other peoples sandcastles is your main objective, don’t apply
If your looking for someone to display your epeen and have your ego stroked, don’t apply
If your looking for somewhere everything will be handed to you on a platter, don’t apply.

If however, you’re looking for any of the following, SF might just be right:

A mature setting where laughs are had by all
Game play is used as a facilitator to social interaction
A chance to make some IRL friends who also like to nerd out
A place with a lot of experience and a lot of available advice
A group of people who recognise that not everyone can spend 8 hours a night in front of a computer

We’re grown ups who like visiting and re-visiting every avenue eve has to offer as it evolves. We don’t do drama, we don’t do hissy fits. We do good times and real bros.

When it all comes down to it,what you get out of SF depends entirely on what you put in.


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I’m coming up on my first year with SF. I started the game out and gave nullsec a shot right away in Providence. It was fun and all, but I didnt care for the politics and how the corps didnt really give much guidance to newbros. So I fled back to highsec and tried out as many different things EVE had to offer: market trading, mining, PVE, PVP, building, running a corp, etc. but it all felt empty and lacking in some way.

Then the members I had grown close to FINALLY decided we would take our shop out to nullsec after we had talked about the benefits for months (looking at you Darkspawn…Konig). They had been talking to different corps and landed on SF as being the best choice, so we joined. Once I got my stuff together and out to null, chatting on comms with SF members and getting to know them…I finally found what I was missing from EVE. I almost lost interest in EVE until I joined Star Frontiers!

The ability to rorq mine to build my own second rorq, capital, and now about to finish my super…and to rat enough isk to fit the ships is an amazing feeling! When you are bored of mining or ratting, there is ALWAYS some type of PVP…if not, thats where members of SF would say…“well…go out and create content and we will make a fleet of it, or save you if you get in too deep”. Plus there are content creators and sub groups to join for extra PVP, and that’s only talking of the corp! The alliance is there to create awesome PVP as well…though comms can sometimes get roudy.

SF cares about members that are willing to learn about EVE, chatting on comms, ensuring members are not being “bad”, and taking care of eachother. After that comes participating in corp and alliance PVP. All in all, this is the best group of people i’ve met in EVE…I play other games with other members as well, that’s how close you can get with these members…not just “well i’m off, see you the next time I play EVE”. I haven’t attended any EVE events yet, but I imagine it would only build on that bond.

TLDR: SF is not a dictator corp, we take care of our members and provide our own content. JOIN NOW!

Lots of experiences and great stories. Looks like a corporation I’d like to join.

Sooooo, I have been in this corporation for 2820 days (7 years, 8 Months and 28 Days) during that time I have been on 3 Military Deployments, promoted… twice, met my wife got a dog and had my son… and partway through getting a MSc… In game I have been involved in every aspect of the corporation short of being a CEO… that’s what Matt and Argus does best :wink:

In all that time through all that crap I’ve never been given grief about my ‘play-time’ because we are a group of mature and understanding players. I have so many times just logged on, and ended up chatting on coms without undocking because we are a group of friends that understand there is a life beyond these space pixels.

As long as you engage with the members of the corporation and let people know when RL is getting in the way of EvE time you will be OK. Be Social be on comms and get involved when you can as much as you can… simples!

Join us on discord!

Coming up on my 217th day in Star Frontiers, i’ve never felt more comfortable, at home, and with a good foundation than i have with this corporation. I could never begin to fathom the work that went into creating this masterpiece or the endurance it required to position it as it is, but i can say that if you’re looking to immerse yourself into the potential you set out to achieve as you created your very first character -this is the place to do it. This is where you can achieve that goal.

All in all, as a nullsec pilot, solely oriented towards combat, i can say that this corporation provides all the excitement and comradery that i sought as i careened my way through a list of organizations in New Eden.

Every pilot interested in finding themselves and their home should heavily consider joining this corporation.

<3 papa sorn