Star Frontiers - 12 Years Of Amazing Times - Nullsec PvP & General Play - Member of Test Alliance


(Phelden Wrex) #21

Ever since I joined Star Frontiers I’ve never looked back. If anything I wish I found this jolly good gang earlier. With a rock-solid foundation, chill and relaxed atmosphere, it is a very good place to be.

If you want to have a look at what we do in SF and TEST, I’ve made a video you might find interesting.

(Lord Rahvin) #22

Here’s 2 -SF- ran Fleets for content from yesterday. We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

(Argus Sorn) #23

Just reminder that we are recruiting daily… great times, great fleets, social corp.

Check us out today!

(robohunterx) #24

I feel bad because I never typed out my testimonial, mainly because I’ve never really posted on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

SF’s been my home for the past, what will be 2 years in February, and I’ve made my choice that this is the corp I’m sticking with until the eventual heat death of the EVErverse. Funny enough I’ve actually been around SF plenty of times in the past, I just never flew with them. I’ve fought against them during the great crusades against N3, near them with the casino war, and again when I joined B0SS (RIP) Alliance (Never die you glorious bastard) with my own corp 2 years ago. Argus was heading up boss and allowed my small group in so we could get into some good Nullsec content as plundering wormholes was, while lucrative, getting pretty old. After having a few members peter away and stop logging in I folded the rest of my corp in with SF as we just didn’t have the numbers to justify keeping it open.

Star Frontiers has handed me the marker as to which I could cross off all the items on my “Eve Bucket List.”

What I mean by this is I’ve been provided great opportunities to elevate my eve game over the past few years.
I was able to slowly work my way up, first with helping out our alliance head diplo, then eventually picking up some more jobs and then moving my way into the head diplo spot, something on my eve list that I’ve wanted to tick off for ages just for the experience.

I’ve been able to up my commanding game by taking on the Logi FC role many times now, which honestly is the highest I want to go with FC’ing other than maybe small gang corp stuff.

I’ve done loads of helpful (hopefully) docs for our HR, and even did our recruitment for a while as a director.

Perhaps the best so far is the creative outlet I’ve landed into, propelling me to make some cool videos, propaganda, and dank memes; first with BOSS, now with TEST, and even for our corp some times :slight_smile:.

I think the best part though, is the community. We just don’t play eve all day, many of us have our other vices, other competitive games like World of Warships for example that we dive into here and there. We just hang out in coms while making isk and playing other stuff if we feel like it. We also pretty much have some presence at all of the major eve gatherings, Vegas for sure, and of course FanFest for those that can make it. Our leadership is some of the most dedicated guys out there, working towards trying to better the corp, provide us with corp level and corp sponsored content instead of Alliance fleets all day, and Argus has really laid a great foundation and has the blueprints for running a successful and meaningful corp for the past 12 years.

Over the 11 years that I’ve been playing, SF’s been the best. Hopefully I didn’t sound way to ■■■■■■■ lame or something, I’m just really happy that I’ve found a corp to stay with, and one that I can say I’ve personally shook hands with many of the members the yearly meetups.