BAKE. - Pochven PVP

[BAKE.] Is recruiting all capsuleers, regardless of cooking ability!

About Us:

[BAKE.] Is a small, but quickly growing corp created and ran by a tight-knit crew. We were founded on the idea of making a laid back, fun environment, where people from all walks of life can enjoy an incredible PvP experience. BAKE is created around the idea that everyone should enjoy the game rather than treat it as a job, and we always keep the needs of the corp in mind.

BBC is open to pilots of all skill levels, including new bros! We have pilots experienced in every area of the game to help new players learn the ropes, and we host multiple weekly fleets ranging from gate camps to frigate roams to big fleet fights and everything between. If you’re a returning player, come shake the rust off with other returning vets! Plus, we have a corp cook book so you can bake while in BAKE while getting baked.

What Sets Us Apart:

The name says it all! We are Bandits and we bake on the side. Our directors have a combined IQ of 10, what could go wrong?

We are go getters. We challenge the meta, we experiment and try things. This is why we have decided to try living in pochven, a wild new territory that has much to exploit and much content to be made. We also venture in whs, ess robbing, low sec fights, high sec ganking. If someone wants to do it all they have to do is ask!

What We’re Looking For:

Any active capsuleer looking to have fun and PvP with a laid back group. The only thing we ask is that you leave the salt at the door (unless its for cooking), not be easily offended, and come ready to have a good time! We don’t mandate that new recruits have previous PvP experience, but we do ask that you be ready to learn and practice by flying with the corp!

The only hard requirement is that after a month we don’t bring up your name and go “who”. This means if even you don’t play eve often you have some sort of presence in corp discord or comms.

Why pochven?

The simple answer is because its new-ish. Since ccp made the gates not require standings the region has opened up a lot. More people are now running sites in nestor/lesh fleets, people are roaming for content, camps, krabs it has it all. Not to mention that it allows us to go from end of space to the other in a few jumps.

How To Join:

Join us on discord and say hi!

If you’d like to speak with a recruiter about joining, or get more information, you can visit us at our in game chat channel: BAKE Recruitment
You can also PM or send mail to any of our recruiters listed below…

• Bowboy686 Renalard
• Erin Givalda

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